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March 28, 2023

ANM updates Code Orange advisory for blizzard, issues new Code Yellow warnings for strong wind and snow

The National Meteorological Administration (ANM) updated on Thursday the Code Orange advisory for sustained wind intensifications and blizzard scattering the snow in 18 counties, and issued another two Code Yellow advisories targeting several areas in the center and south-east of the country, namely a weather advisory for wind, valid for most of the territory.

According to the ANM, Thursday, until 13:00hrs, in eastern Muntenia, southern Moldavia and Dobrogea, the wind will continue to present sustained intensifications, with gusts of 70 – 80 km/h, and in the Southern and Sub Carpathians, the gusts of wind will exceed 80 – 100 km/h, with blizzard scattering the snow and causing visibility to fall.

The counties placed under Code Orange are the following: Constanta, Tulcea, Calarasi, Ialomita, Braila, Galati, Buzau, Vrancea, Covasna (partially), Prahova (partially), Brasov (partially), Dambovita (partially), Arges (partially), Sibiu (partially), Valcea (partially), Gorj (partially), Alba (partially) and Hunedoara (partially).

In the same interval, in Bacau and Vaslui counties, the wind will intensify with speeds of 55 – 65 km/h.

Moreover, Thursday, between 13:00hrs and 18:00hrs, the wind will intensify in the southern half of Moldavia, Dobrogea and eastern Muntenia, with speeds of 55 – 60 km/h, and in the Southern and Sub Carpathians and at the seaside resorts, the gusts will exceed 70 km/h, scattering the snow. Small quantities of snow will also fall in the south-east extremity of the country.

According to meteorologists, subsequently, as of 18:00hrs until Saturday, at 2:00hrs, a bad weather advisory will be in force, according to which the wind will temporarily intensify in eastern and south-east of the country, with gusts of 45 – 55 km/h, generally, and in the mountain area the wind will exceed 60 km/h, scattering the snow. Wind intensifications will also be recorded in the rest of the country, but on restricted areas. Snowfalls will be reported, generally, poor quantities in the mountain area, locally in north, center and east, and Friday in the southern regions.

“By the end of the week, in most of the country, the weather will be cold and locally freezing cold during the night,” the ANM mentioned, as quoted by Agerpres.

Moreover, between 6 February, 18:00hrs and 7 February, 23:00hrs, in the Southern and Sub Carpathians, a Code Yellow for wind will be in force, with temporary intensifications exceeding 70 km/h. Furthermore, blizzard will be reported, which will scatter the snow and the visibility will drop significantly.

The Code Yellow advisory for wind intensifications and snow storms will affect the following counties: Covasna (partially), Buzau (partially), Prahova (partially), Brasov (partially), Dambovita (partially), Arges (partially), Sibiu (partially), Valcea (partially), Gorj (partially), Alba (partially), Hunedoara (partially), Caras-Severin (partially).

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