Orban: We sent to CES for opinion all the draft emergency ordinances adopted on Tuesday

Prime Minister Designate Ludovic Orban said that the emergency ordinances adopted by the Government on Tuesday, one day before being dismissed by censure motion, will be published in the Official Gazette, stating that all the draft emergency ordinances have been sent for opinion to the Economic and Social Council of Romania (CES).

“We sent to the Economic and Social Council for opinion all the draft emergency ordinances. Some of the draft emergency ordinances that did not have all the opinions were not taken up in the plenary debate of the Economic and Social Council, but we fulfilled our obligation to transmit the content of the draft ordinances. The CES opinion is an optional opinion, we are trying to take into account,” said Ludovic Orban, on Friday, in southern Bals.

The prime minister explained that the Government was in a hurry in the procedure because the date of debate and the vote on the censure motion was modified.

“Obviously, (…) one of the rules that I have in approving the normative acts, is the obligation to accept the observations provided by the endorsing ministries, especially the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance. As such, I see absolutely no procedural reason to question the emergency ordinances,” said Orban.

The prime minister stressed that he can demonstrate to any person and to any representative of any institution “the absolute necessity of adopting these ordinances”.

The Government approved, in its Tuesday sitting, 25 emergency emergencies for several areas of activity.

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