PM-designate Orban : No coronavirus cases reported in Romania so far

Romania’s Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Tuesday said that no coronavirus case had been reported so far in Romania, and authorities are continuing the measures to prevent and combat such instances.

“The stocks, for example, of biocides – a substance that disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria – at the State Reserves are nil, because the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was not concerned about this area and they did not make the purchases. We adopted an emergency ordinance precisely to allow the emergency procurement of the materials, equipment, and substances necessary to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country. I believe there were three emergency boards that established an action plan, the action plan to prevent the virus from entering the country; you know very well that any citizen who comes from the area or who might be suspected of being a carrier of the virus when entering Romania is kept under quarantine for 14 days,” said Orban told Gandul Live webcasting on Tuesday asked if the authorities are ready for a possible coronavirus case in Romania.

He also mentioned the acquisition and installation at airports of some equipment to prevent the entry into the country of a coronavirus carrier.

Orban said that he does not yet have details regarding the case of a Bucharest student under the observation of doctors. “We will find out and immediately inform you,” he said.

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