Telekom Romania is launching the new commercial offers for those who port into its network

Mobile subscription with unlimited benefits and 50% discount in the first 12 months


  • Mobile 6 subscription with unlimited benefits and 50% discount in the first 12 months from the port in;
  • Smartphone in installments with Mobile 6 subscription at only 7 euro/month in total in the first 12 months.


70% of the Romanians who ported into Telekom Romania’s network said that they are more satisfied with the telecommunications services they are using now, showed the results of a survey conducted by the company in November 2019, on a batch of customers, representative at national level. The volume of mobile data, minutes and SMS included in the mobile phone subscriptions, quality of the signal, internet speed, price, as well as the quality of the interaction with Telekom employees were among the factors assessed positively by the new Telekom Romania customers. The porting results for 2019, announced by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM), according to which Telekom Romania group of companies ranked second in the portability top with more than 249,000 mobile phone numbers ported into the network, reflect our customers’ feedback.

Starting from the most appreciated benefits by the Telekom customers – unlimited internet, price and quality-price ratio- the company is launching the new commercial offers for those who will port into Telekom’s network, starting from today, February 10th 2020. They can purchase Mobil 6 subscription with 50% discount in the first 12 months and will only pay 3 euro/month (approximately 14 lei/month) during this period. After the 12 months, the cost of the subscription will be 6 euro/month.

Also, Romanians who will port into Telekom Romania’s network will be able to also opt for the acquisition of a mobile phone in installments, without interest and without downpayment. One of the smartphones available in Telekom’s offer is Huawei Y6s. Those who will purchase this smartphone with Mobile 6 subscription will only pay 7 euro/month (approximately 33 lei) in the first 12 months from the port in: 3 euro/month for the mobile services and 4 euro/month, the cost of the installment for the mobile phone. After this period, the total cost will be 10 euro/month.

“Mobil Nelimitat is the concept that recorded the best performance in the mobile services segment at the end of 2019. For us it is clear that this concept is making our customers satisfied and this is why we have prepared a new offer with unlimited benefits and a significant price discount, 50% in the first 12 months. This is an offer with benefits and a price that will definitely make more satisfied the customers who will port into our network and will help them leave behind all the worries and frustrations related to the telecommunications services”, said Andreas Elsner, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential Segment, Telekom Romania.

The new commercial offers of Telekom Romania are available between February 10th – March 29th 2020, in case of contracts signed for 24 months and address customers who will port into the company’s mobile network and have one fixed service from Telekom Romania.


Mobil Nelimitat, the product with the best performance in the mobile segment in 2019


Telekom recorded 217,000 customers for Mobil Nelimitat, at the end of December 2019.

The surveys conducted by Telekom Romania between July-December 2019 have revealed that most of the new customers would recommend Mobil Nelimitat due to the unlimited benefits, good prices and accessibility, both through Telekom shops and website, as well as through any Mega Image, Shop & Go and Carrefour store, following the partnerships signed by Telekom Romania with the retail networks.


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