Ambassador Noble: Collaboration between British authorities and Romanian Police in human smuggling exceptional

The collaboration between the British authorities and the Romanian Police in solving human smuggling cases is exception, Andrew Noble, the British Ambassador in Bucharest, said in a press release sent to AGERPRES on Thursday.

The Embassy said that, on February 13, it will join the global campaign “End It Movement” and says “No!” to modern slavery and human smuggling.

Ii is not just that human smuggling exists, but it’s a profitable and flourishing business – both at global level and in Romania and other states in Eastern Europe, reads the press release.

“Ever since 2015, on the occasion of the UN Summit for Sustainable Development, the Government of the UK committed to eradicate all forms of modern slavery, work exploitation and human smuggling until 2030. In this respect, the cooperation between the British authorities and the Romanian Police in solving human smuggling cases is exceptional,” said the Ambassador.

Human smuggling is a crossborder, international type of crime that crosses cultural barriers. Combating and preventing actions must be the same. Besides the traditional partnerships, we believe in the importance of getting each person involved against this type of organised crime, said the same source.

“One of the activities we carry out alongside the eLiberare Association is to endow the communities with the necessary instruments for the identification and reporting of the human smuggling cases. Ever since the first training on how to identify a victim of human smuggling organised in partnership with the eLiberare Association, we saw what the determination of a person to not remain indifferent to the suffering of others can do. One participant in an event that took place in north-eastern Romania was able to provide precious information about a case that is being investigated in the southern region of the country, and after the intervention of our local partners, we were able to help escape and be safe a minor who was about to become victim to human smuggling, in less than 24 hours. This is the power of community and working in teams, and this is just one example in which a person made a clear difference by choosing not to ignore what was hidden right in front of our eyes. I strongly believe that every one of us can do something important against exploitation, so we invite you to join us in the fight against human smuggling,” reads the release.

Photo: Facebook/British Embassy Bucharest

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