President Iohannis signs decrees decorating RO-USAR team

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday signed decrees decorating the representatives of the RO-USAR Romanian Urban Search and Rescue Team that took part in an international assistance mission under the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism in Albania, November 26 – December 1, 2019.

According to the Presidential Administration, as a sign of appreciation for the important results achieved by the RO-USAR team in Albania, President Iohannis awarded the following decorations:

* For Merit Order in the rank of Knight, with war insignia, to Colonel Vasile Pirtea

* Sanitary Merit Order in the rank of Knight, with civilian insignia, to Ion Ionut Olaru

* Valour and Faith Order in the rank of Officer, with war insignia, to Colonel Ioan Mihai-Gabriel Butoi

* Valour and Faith Order in the rank of Knight, with war insignia, to Colonel Vasile Rares Petre; Lieutenant-Colonel Eugeniu Ovidiu Laurentiu Henke; Lieutenant-Colonel Vladislav Valentin Slivinschi; Major Viorel Daniel Gheorghita, Captain Dorinel Bogdan Cucu, and Lieutenant Denis -Andrei Tules.

* Valour and Faith Medal, second class, with war insignia, to Master Sergeant Constantin Marian Draghici

* Valour and Faith Medal, third class, with war insignia to Sergeant Major Grigorita Vasilica Lucian Apostol; Sergeant Major Dumitru Constantin Chirita; Sergeant Major Ion Nicolae-Gheorghe Pitoiu; Sergeant Major Ioan Iulian-Sorin Zavate; Master Sergeant Nicolae Doru Achim; Master Sergeant Petre Vasile-Alexandru Alecu; Master Sergeant Ion Doru-Denis Darabanean; Master Sergeant Marin Alexandru-Stelian Dogaru; Master Sergeant Alexandru Ciprian-Marius Dragulin; Master Sergeant Dumitru Adrian Florescu; Master Sergeant Constantin Florin-Tiberiu Ignat; Master Sergeant Gheorghe Teodor-Sorin Ilie; Master Sergeant Ion Cristian Mantu; Master Sergeant Leonida Florin Pavel; Master Sergeant Auras Radu-Florian Popa; Sergeant First Class Nicolae George-Cornel Afrem; Sergeant First Class George Alecsandru Dobre; Sergeant First Class Gheorghe Niculae-Florinel Bejan; Sergeant First Class Gheorghe Dumitru-Daniel Chirita; Sergeant First Class Florea Ionut Coman; Sergeant First Class Corneliu Ciprian Cozmei; Sergeant First Class Dobre Vasile Florentin-Stefan; Sergeant First Class Victor Victor-Eugen Fota; Sergeant First Class Gheorghe Andrei Marinescu; Sergeant First Class Traian Marius Mehedintu; Sergeant First Class Marin Constantin-Cristian Moise; Sergeant First Class Constantin Marius Neagu; Sergeant First Class Nicu Stelian Daniel-Mihai; Sergeant First Class Viorel Dragos-Valentin Petcu; Sergeant First Class Adrian-Viorel Mihai-Liviu Popa; Sergeant First Class Radu Vasile Emilian-Ionut; Sergeant First Class Niculae Constantin Stoiciu; Sergeant First Class Vasile Ionel-Gabriel Tapte; Sergeant First Class Simion Vladimir-George Tifrea; Sergeant First Class Dumitru Ionel Toma; Sergeant First Class Tudor Ion Gheorghe; Staff Sergeant Ion Gheorghe Alin-Mihaita; Staff Sergeant Florin Alexandru-Marian Neagu; Corporal Nicolae Cristinel Licsandru and Corporal Dumitru Ciprian Pitiu.

* Valour and Faith Medal, third class, with civilian insignia, to Ilie Romica-Daniel Chintoi, Florea Marian Draghici, Gheorghe Dobrica Niculae and to Ilarion-Daniil Vlad-Nicolae Popescu.

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