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March 27, 2023

President Iohannis at the General Assembly of the Association of Communes: In the modernization program, the Romanian village is an essential component

The National Local Development Program (PNDL) must be rethought, not abolished, President Klaus Iohannis emphasized, on Monday, at the General Assembly of the Association of Communes in Romania.

Klaus Iohannis spoke to the mayors present at this event about the importance of efficient investments for the development of local communities.

“I am certain that the process of reformation and modernization will enter a straight line once we have a parliamentary majority to reflect the will of the citizens and I desire that this happen as soon as possible. In this modernization program, the Romanian village is an essential component, and one of the priorities is that the big national programs of investments in the rural environment be reconfigured, so that there is a transparency added to them and a correct management of public funds. Many of you implemented in the communes that you represent projects financed through the National Local Development Plan and there were a lot of money, sometimes even successful projects in many cases. The money invested efficiently always means development, but we must not ignore the shortcomings of this program. That is exactly why I say loudly: this project must be rethought, not at all abolished. I don’t believe there is anyone in this hall who desires for us to continue to see money granted on political criteria or fictitious or bad work being reimbursed. Wasting public money must end definitively, and this can be done through a coherent and responsible approach,” said the President.

He stated that another program which is absolutely necessary and which will bring certain benefits is the one regarding the extension of the gas network.

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