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December 5, 2022

OTP Bank Romania launches Mobile Payments, the complete mobile payment service

OTP Bank Romania offers complete “Mobile Payments” services for individual customers, holders of Mastercard cards.

Mobile Payments services allow payment with mobile phones or other compatible mobile terminals, which use Android or iOS operating systems, through two applications:

  • OTPay – “e-Wallet” type application for mobile terminals with Android operating system (Samsung, Huawei, Nokia etc.);
  • Apple Pay Wallet – payment service dedicated exclusively to mobile devices with iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch).

Enrollment of Mastercard issued by OTP Bank Romania in the two applications is easily and intuitively confirmed with a simple SMS. In addition, the OTPay application allows the enrollment of a card by simply touching it from the mobile terminal, through the NFC technology, the card data being automatically downloaded in the mobile application, so that the customer experience is as pleasant as possible.

“Mobile Payments service are aimed at consumers of digital products, who follow and request payment solutions in line with technological development trends. In this regard, OTP Bank Romania offers modern payment alternatives to customers who prefer the technology instead of the traditional means of payment.” said Roxana Hidan, Deputy General Manager, Retail Division.

The security methods provided by the two applications make the mobile payment one of the safest payment methods. The authentication of each payment can be done by biometrics (facial recognition or fingerprint scanning) or by entering a unique password, chosen by the owner of the mobile payment device.

The actual payment with the mobile phone implies the proximity of the POS device, with the screen activated and the NFC communication enabled. The Mobile Payments service can be used at any POS that accepts contactless payment from home or abroad.

In order to have control of the transactions and the approved amounts, but also the balance situation, on each payment with Mobile Payments, the clients receive a notification on the phone, if they have this option activated from the device.

The service can be used even if the phone is not connected to the internet.


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