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February 5, 2023

High Tech Hotels: How the technology is impacting the travel industry

The free travel metasearch engine momondo.ro team has selected the most interesting hotels that use the evolution of technology to attract customers.

The use of mobile applications to control the brightness of the room, ambient sounds or electronic devices is already common in elitist hotels, but managers’ creativity has gone much further than that in the following examples.


In a world where technological advancement is so fast, the need for the tourism sector to keep up with these changes and to take updated measures that bring even more comfort to customers is obvious. For this reason, hotels that want to attract visitors interested in other aspects than mere accommodation, create a theme that underlies the operation of the unit and that dictates how tourists interact with the staff.


Henn na Hotel – Tokyo, Japan


Robots are a significant part of the experience of staying at this hotel, welcoming guests right from the front desk. A dinosaur-robot (who can ensure a minimal conversation in English and Japanese) will handle customer check-in, so the client can head to the reserved room, whose door will open through facial recognition. Inside the room is another mini-robot with the role of personal assistant who, besides the basic functionalities like controlling the lights, can offer tips according to the received questions in order to help the tourists fully discover the area they are visiting. Another original idea is the air conditioning system which adapts the room temperature according to the body temperature of those present inside.


Eccleston Square Hotel – London, UK


Even though the exterior of the building does not announce anything ultra-modern, as it retains the appearance of a unit built in the 19th century, the interior surprises its visitors by digitally controlling all the functions in the rooms in which they are housed. The nicely integrated remote controls in accessible places allow customers to control ambient music, room lights, the bathroom mirror TV or even the shower wall that can become opaque (frozen) with a simple button pressing. The smart tablet complements these functions, ensuring the connection with the hotel staff while maintaining the comfort already created.


Blow Up Hall 50 50 – Poznan, Poland


The usual check-in procedure cannot be done in this hotel, simply because there is no reception desk. Customers are given a smartphone (instead of a key) that will guide them through the unit to find the room they have booked and it will also use as a personal assistant throughout the entire experience of staying here. Another aspect that attracts so many tourists is the digital art collection out of which it is worth mentioning the digital picture in the lobby formed by the captures of the surveillance cameras inside the hotel, almost in real time.


Aloft Silicon Valley – Newark, California, USA


Being in a place where the development of American technology starts, this hotel tries to keep up with the expectations of customers who are increasingly interested in robotic processes, when they are easy to implement. Therefore, a tourist ordering towels, the recent newspaper, water or other consumables, will receive these things from a robot that can move inside the hotel, can use the elevator and will call the room phone when in front of its respective door. It does not accept tips, but it will accept a selfie with the customer satisfied with his hospitality. In addition, a unique method of ordering products was adopted, using only suggestive emojis.


YOTEL – New York, USA


The reception desk has been replaced by the automatic check-in machine, to which each guest can reach out to start their stay at this hotel. Simply entering the reservation data will release the electronic key corresponding to the requested room. The next element that kept pace with the development of the technology is the robot that takes over the luggage and stores it in lockers and will retrieve them later, when the owner will enter the last name and chosen PIN code. The fitness room looks perfect, but those who want to practice or meditate in the privacy of their own room (here called “cabin”) can do it alongside the video guides available in the TV offer. Of course, high-speed internet, smart air conditioning sensors or tech walls are no longer a surprise to those who are accustomed to staying in such units.


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