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April 23, 2021

Coronavirus task force set up at Romanian Embassy in Rome

Given the large Romanian community that lives in the coronavirus-affected Italian regions, a task force has been set up at the Romanian Embassy in Rome, which is in constant touch with the Italian Civil Protection Service and with the Italian authorities responsible for managing the coronavirus situation. “So far there have been no notifications from the Italian authorities about Romanians being among the infected persons and no requests for consular assistance have been received from Romanian citizens”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed on Saturday.

The Ministry advises Romanian citizens to strictly comply with the relevant recommendations of the Italian authorities.

As new cases of confirmed Covid-19 (coronavirus) infections emerged in the Italian Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Italian authorities have taken a series of measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the regions where the vast majority of cases are concentrated – Lombardy and Veneto.

The measures include shutting down pubs, cancelling sports or recreational activities, suspending classes and issuing health emergency alerts advising the residents to stay in their homes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates that the Romanian citizens can request consular assistance at the phone numbers of the Romanian Embassy in Rome: +39 068 352 3358; +39 068 352 3356; +39 068 352 3369, +39 068 352 3371, +39 068 352 3374, +39 068 352 3352; +39 068 352 3344, at Romania’s Consulate General in Milan: +39 024 009 8207, +39 024 007 4018 and at Romania’s Consulate General in Trieste: +39 040 411 652, +39 040 452 8136, +39 040 416 350; the calls are being redirected to the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens Abroad and taken by call center operators on a permanent basis.

The Romanian citizens who are facing a difficult, special or emergency situation can also call the standby numbers of the Romanian Embassy in Rome: +39 345 147 3935, and of the consular offices in Milan: +39 366 108 1444 and Trieste: + 39 340 882 1688.

Via Agerpres

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