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March 28, 2023

PM-designate Orban urges Romanians to learn about coronavirus from official sources only

Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban has urged Romanians to learn about the coronavirus from official sources only.

“I am urging the citizens to get information only from official sources, to ignore news coming from sources, to read all the official communications from either the Emergency Command, the Ministry of Interior – through the Emergency Department, or through the Border Police – the Ministry of Health, all the ministries and authorities that have a role in the fight to prevent the entry of coronavirus. At the moment we are well organised, we are extremely mobilised to take all the measures required in this situation,” Orban said on Monday.

He added that the hospitals in Romania are ready to make a diagnosis in such cases.

“We meet regularly, we communicate regularly, we have measures that we take according to the situations that appear during the day, and such meetings where we make decisions and establish actions that are necessary. As far as the stocks of materials, substances, and equipment are concerned, you know very well that the stocks were nil at the State Reserves and at the storehouses in general. We passed an emergency ordinance before the motion of censure precisely for the purpose of being able to purchase everything that is needed for prevention and obviously for the fight against the coronavirus. At the National Office for Centralised Procurement, simplified procedures are ongoing and as we find suppliers we urgently purchase what is needed, “said Orban, according to Agerpres.


PSD’s Ciolacu: Romania is facing an imminent danger caused by coronavirus. It’s time for politicians to return to the agenda of Romanians


Interim leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday that Romania is facing an “imminent danger” caused by the new coronavirus and it is time for all politicians and all political forces to return to the agenda of Romanians.

“Today we had a National Standing Bureau meeting, and both my opinion and that of my colleagues was a very clear one: Romania is facing an imminent danger caused by the coronavirus. I think we are entering another political stage where it is time for all politicians and all political forces to return to the agenda of the Romanians, and the Romanian Government must come up with an action plan as quickly as possible for the citizens, an explained one, because at this moment this is the number one priority,” said Ciolacu, at the end of the meeting.

He added that the meeting was also about the PSD Congress, but these “are already marginal things” and concern the internal life of the party.

“The PSD’s priority at this moment is this imminent danger that we, Romanians are about to face. We have to keep in mind that over 1.5 million Romanians are currently in Italy, an affected country. As we can see, the number of cases is increasing. I hope the Government has taken the necessary steps, even if it has not communicated them,” said Marcel Ciolacu.


Head of the Romanian Microbiology Society Alexandru Rafila has underscored on Monday that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Romania.

According to medical sources, in the special quarantine centres there are currently six persons, who came from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The Control Body of the Health Ministry (MS) will verify whether all the public health directorates are ensuring the prevention procedures round the clock at all border checkpoints.

The Committee on the prevention and containment of coronavirus illnesses gathered on Monday at the Health Ministry headquarters.

On Sunday, the Minister informed that the measures to control and prevent coronavirus infections will be supplemented at the land, sea/river and air border checkpoints.

At the same time, the necessary medical personnel will be ensured at the border crossing points, with specialists within the public health directorates, including by posting them from other counties and sanitary units.

“All the persons who fall into the definition of suspicious case will be immediately reported by all the sanitary units where they present themselves (emergency units, hospitals, family doctors) to the public health directorates and to the Monitoring Service within the DSU. These days, the Ministry of Health will complete the legislative framework with the necessary measures for quarantine and the management of suspected and confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus (COVID-19),” the MS mentioned.

The information campaign of the population regarding the infection with COVID-19 will be extended, as well as the individual and collective prevention measures which should be taken and a daily newscast will be drafted regarding the development at international level and possible additional measures taken by the Romanian authorities.


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