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April 15, 2021

Melania Medeleanu launches ‘Zi de Bine’ project to support difficult social causes

On your birthday, help a man get up!  Give your anniversary [another] meaning!


The Association Zi de Bine, curator of social causes, launches the project with the same name, which aims to create communities, support thousands of people in vulnerable situations and create notoriety around unknown causes. The association will support 12 NGOs with 12 causes, one each month of the year.

The project Zi de Bine has as its basis the need of people for a meaning, minimal efforts from the donor, quick reward and the desire for competition.

Each cause selected by the Association ZI de BINE is addressed to a community, is carried out in maximum 30 days, is funded in particular by the people celebrating their birthdays in that month and is implemented with the help of a local NGO.

The causes can be financially supported by: Unique SMS with the message “SUS” at 8862 for 4 euros, individual donations, partnerships with companies that celebrate their anniversaries in that month and through partnerships with companies that want to encourage their employees to involves in social causes. In the 12 months, the association wishes to reach 300,000 donors and each person who celebrates his birthday to become a generous supporter of one of the 12 causes. Among the causes that will be supported are: children admitted to hospitals, institutionalized children, adults with mental health problems, mourning, education, poverty, domestic violence etc. To maintain suspense for donors, each cause will be gradually revealed.

The mechanism of operation is very simple: at each beginning of the month the cause will be announced and the need and beneficiaries will be described. Each cause will be accompanied by an awareness event that will also give the start of donations. At the end of the month, donors will find out what happened with their money and will be invited to see the result of their involvement.

Melania Medeleanu (photo L), the Association Zi de bine, says: “ZI DE BINE is a huge challenge, which will take us a year, at the end of each month we will have to deliver what we promised. We chose causes for which it is difficult to collect money – children abandoned in hospitals, mental health, mourning, poverty – important causes, from which we often turn our eyes. We did not want to look away, we wanted to bring them in the spotlights, to make them feel important, to show them that they matter. It is difficult to estimate at this moment how many beneficiaries we will have, but if we talk about domestic violence, there are tens, if we talk about mourning, there are thousands, this year we will reach at least 3,000 people. We need the support of every anniversary people who seek their MEANING, the help of each person who does not have time but wants to get involved, of each donor who wants to know quickly what happened to his donation. Companies are also invited to open the champagne in the month they celebrate their anniversary – and what more appropriate GIFT they can receive than that of being useful to the community? “.

The first supported case concerns abandoned children in hospitals and is implemented with the help of Blondie Association – Recovery Center “Home for forgotten children in hospitals”. BLONDIE House is a transit center, a temporary space where children regain their strength before going to the “house”. The beneficiaries are the children abandoned in hospitals for which there is the agreement of the Protection of the Child (or of the parents, where appropriate) to be moved to the Recovery Center. The value of the project is 50,000 Euros and the fundraising campaign will run between March 1 and 31, 2020, when the Blondie House will be inaugurated.

Adelina Toncean, Blondie Association, states: “In the intensive care unit, 1 child out of 5 is not visited by parents at all or only very rarely. Although they endure complicated surgeries and their healing comes with huge efforts, once they leave home, the lack of care from an unprepared family for their special needs causes the condition of the children to worse and, many times, to bring them to death. Andrei is 2 months old and has been admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Section since his first day of life. He was born with severe stenosis of the intestine and, after a month of intubated state, few people thought he would live. On another floor of the hospital, Maria has been living in the crib for 4 years. At her age, she still does not go, she never went out, and the crib left her only for analysis or surgery. However, the staff chose to keep her in the hospital because her parents never visited her and, without serious care, Maria would not live. For these children, we are fighting daily and we are confident that we will be able to open the Blondie House on March 31st. ”

Through this campaign, Melania Medeleanu, co-founder of the MagiCAMP Association, carries on the idea of MagicHOME, the project that impressed hundreds of thousands of people who found themselves in the story of the parents “living” in a chair, next to the hospital bed of their sick children. Unfortunately, near the bed of “forgotten” children in hospitals, no one lives. Until March 14, at 14:00, when, for every moment when the seat was empty, 2,300 volunteers will occupy, for one hour, 2,300 empty chairs, which will connect, every 2 meters, Marie Curie Hospital with Blondie House in Popești Leordeni, at 5,7 km distance.

2,300 volunteers symbolically accompany the children on their way home.

Starting March 1st, 2020, the birthday people of the month, but not only, can support each of the 12 causes through individual donations, by sending a SMS of 4 euros with the message SUS at 8862, by donating the birthday, but also by voluntary involvement. On your birthday, help a man get up! www.zidebine.ro.

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