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April 12, 2021

President Iohannis appoints Florin Citu as PM. Reactions

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Wednesday, at the end of consultations with parliamentary parties, that he appointed Florin Citu as Prime Minister.


PM-designate Citu: In the shortest while I’ll submit to Parliament Gov’t members list and programme


Prime Minister-designate Florin Citu stated that, in the shortest while, he will present to the Parliament the list of the government members and the governing programme, and he voiced hope that PSD (Social Democratic Party) “won’t delay” the investiture procedures.

“This is a proposal that honours me and makes me feel even more responsible, and I will discuss with our partners in Parliament to build a majority and, together with Ludovic Orban, to establish a calendar of negotiations. (…) My appointment guarantees the continuity of the PNL (National Liberal Party) governance, and the strategic orientation of the party to help Romania escape PSD. In the shortest while, I will present to the Parliament the list with the government members and the governing programme, and I hope that this time PSD will no longer delay the calendar,” stated Florin Citu on Wednesday at the Victoria Palace.


Reactions to Citu’s appointment as PM


PNL’s Orban: I hail President’s decision


PNL (National Liberal Party) hails and supports the proposal made by Klaus Iohannis to have Florin Citu as Prime Minister-designate, the interim PM Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday.

“I hail the President’s decision to designate my colleague from the party, Florin Citu, as Prime Minister. This is an extremely important decision, which is meant to unblock the situation that was artificially created by the PSD (Social Democratic Party) and its institutional extensions. The President’s decision is the same with what the PNL wants. (…) We will endorse this proposal,” stated Ludovic Orban, at the Victoria Palace.


Pro Romania’s Ponta: We won’t vote for Florin Citu


Pro Romania leader Victor Ponta on Wednesday said his party’s MPs will not vote for Florin Citu’s investiture as Prime Minister.

“We won’t vote for him, the same as we didn’t vote in November, for nothing has changed in this respect. I believe that PNL cannot govern at this time, it has no legitimacy, it does not have a team, it does not have a programme, and has no support. I think Romania needed and it still needs a professional government to deal with the country’s problems, not the PNL problems,” Ponta told Antena 3 private television broadcaster.


Kelemen Hunor: We will make a decision after seeing list of ministers and governing programme


The UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) will decide whether to endorse or not Mr. Citu’s Cabinet after seeing the list of proposed ministers and the governing programme, leader of the Union Kelemen Hunor told AGERPRES on Wednesday.

“(…) It is difficult to comment on this proposal right now, but it’s an interesting proposal, and of course that we are waiting for the list of ministers and the governing programme first, before making a decision. Of course, there are some who speculate that, if Mr. Citu is not voted for, the Parliament might dissolve. This is wrong, because the Orban II government was never rejected, so this wouldn’t be a second attempt, as the Constitution requires, because government number 2 was not voted, it was not rejected. Therefore, those who talk about early polls are wrong. And we will see the decision we will make, after seeing the list of ministers and the governing programme. I do not want to comment now (…),” the UDMR head said.


PM Tariceanu: PM proposal deepens the political crisis


ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats) leader Calin Popescu-Tariceanu on Wednesday told AGERPRES that, by proposing Florin Citu as Prime Minister, President Klaus Iohannis is “deepening the political crisis,” because the PNL (National Liberal Party) “cannot” coagulate a majority in Parliament to have a new government invested.

“The proposal made by the President is not one to help us exit the crisis, but one that deepens the crisis, because, obviously, right now, PNL cannot gather a majority in Parliament to have this government invested. The political crisis will deepen, with very bad consequences for the country, especially as we are confronted with this additional problem generated by the risk of the coronavirus epidemic, as well as the drought, which is already affecting some of the country with its consequences, some predictable and some less predictable. I expected the President to take into account that he has only one practical solution, namely, that of an independent Prime Minister, who would have led the government until the parliamentary elections. But it seems that for the President and for the PNL the ambition to have early polls is the most important objective, and not to help Romania exit the crisis,” said Tariceanu.

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