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March 31, 2023

President Iohannis at the presentation of MAI activity report: The fundamental objective is that of law being observed

President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Tuesday that, in the past years, the activity of the Interior Ministry (MAI) demonstrated a series of deficiencies in the context of some situations such as the Caracal case or the events that occurred on 10 August, and underscored that the Ministry has the obligation to carry out a self-assessment in order to identify measures to solve the problems.

“In the past years, MAI’s activity has proved a series of deficiencies of managerial nature, of coordination and even a lack of professionalism in the context of such situations as the Caracal case or the events of 10 August. Your institution has the obligation to carry out a deep self-assessment in order to identify the factors which lead to the situations that I mentioned and take all the necessary measures in order to solve the problems as quickly as possible. There cannot be any deviation of the MAI from its fundamental purpose, that of protecting and defending the Romanian citizens,” the head of state said, at the presentation of the MAI activity report on 2019.

He underscored that the MAI should act in the interest of citizens, the community and for the support of the state institutions.

“The fundamental objective is that of law being observed, and the citizens feel safe, having full confidence in the institutions which have the mission to defend and protect them. It’s imperative that all the decision-makers with the MAI be fully aware of the responsibility they have toward the Romanians and put in all the necessary efforts to make the institution modern and efficient. You have to make sure that, within all the demarches which the ministry’s employees undertake, values and principles such as dignity, individual freedom, equality before law, honor, confidence and tolerance are fully observed,” Iohannis also said.


The head of state encouraged the MAI employees to never deviate from doing their job with responsibility and competence.


He showed that the Romanian forces are commended by international partners. Moreover, President Iohannis remarked the involvement of MAI employees, in 2019, in fulfilling the national objectives on topics of particular interest – Romania’s Presidency at the EU Council, the Sibiu Informal Summit of heads of state and government in the EU, as well as the organisation of the official visit to Romania of Pope Francis.

“The fairness and vigilance with which you fulfilled the role provided by the law during the three rounds of elections which took place in 2019 made the electoral process run smoothly, with the observance of democratic norms and principles,” Iohannis added.

He hailed MAI’s efforts to prevent and combat the illegal migration phenomenon, to secure the state borders and the common border of the EU, as well as to manage the emergency situations.

The head of state showed confidence that the goals established by the MAI for 2020 are to be fulfilled.

“I urge you to act with priority for the protection of children, youngsters and all vulnerable categories. It’s essential for security to increase in school spaces and near them, and any illegal activities which endanger health and the integrity of the young generation be prevented and stopped. Another direction in which it’s important to direct your efforts in the future is the development of new tools which can ensure the finding and rescue of people in danger and the expansion of the alternative systems of notification and warning of the population or the systemic information. You also have the mission to further contribute to combating corruption with impact over the institutional capacity of the state, but also of Romania’s image abroad. For optimal results, you certainly need sufficient personnel, to be endowed with modern and performing equipment so that the intervention for protecting the citizens and the goods be successfully achieved,” Iohannis said.

He mentioned that an updated legislation and the elimination of bureaucratic barriers are also necessary so that the MAI can have an efficient activity.

“The completion of Romania’s accession process to Schengen, the strengthening of the National Emergency Management System, the protection of the national critical infrastructures, the increase of the national resilience and, last but not least, the civil protection of the population and the goods should remain a priority in the list of objectives that you have,” Iohannis added, according to Agerpres.

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