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February 8, 2023

Momondo Study: What women want when traveling

Today women across the world are more empowered to travel and open the world in their own way. The free travel metasearch engine momondo.ro team conducted a survey to know more on how female travelers from Romania plan their trips, what they prefer to spend their holiday budget on and if they are up for digital detox on vacation or continue to staying connected through social media.

With International Women’s Day being around the corner, the timing of these discussions is more than appropriate.


Relaxing on the beach: 63% of women wants this in 2020


Also in 2020, the most voted option for the holiday destination is relaxing on the beach: 63% of the Romanian women participating in the study want this. Not as popular as last year, but still in second place are trips inside the country, and contrary to the general perception, after many other options, 20% of women would like a vacation in a Spa center.

Regardless of which destination is chosen, 63% of female respondents said that they are preparing for the upcoming trip especially by reading news about the specific location.

When going on a work trip, 81% of women are used to combining this trip with a few days of leisure travel.


Most women prefer to stay in a hotel when traveling


In terms of accommodation, most women prefer to stay in a hotel when they are away from home, either for only a few days (72%) or for at least a week (74%). Less than half choose to rent a room or apartment (30% and 34% respectively). In addition to these accommodation expenses (and those for transportation to the holiday location), most women (56%) spend money on shopping clothes or souvenirs. Another important part of the holiday budget is allocated to eating out in the city and cultural activities (theater performances, museum visits, etc.).



Technology vs disconnecting


The smartphone is intensely used during a vacation, especially when searching for specific locations (GPS): 73% of female participants saying they use it for this purpose. Other reasons are to consult the weather conditions of the place where they are (71%), to inform about tourist activities or attractions (60%), to search or to reserve an accommodation unit (60%) and only afterwards to post the holiday photos on social media (58%). In connection with this last topic, 41% of women said they had deliberately given up social media during the holidays, and another 10% would like to do so. Out of all the participants in the survey 2% do not use social media at all.

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