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January 24, 2022

President Iohannis: PSD continues to desperately cling to the power mechanisms

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) continues to “desperately cling” to the power mechanisms and insists on thwarting reform initiatives; the President also stressed that 2020 is a decisive year.

“The desperation with which the PSD continues to cling to the power mechanisms and insists on blocking all reform initiatives can only mean one thing, that things have started to slowly but surely return to normal. 2020 is a turning point. We must realize the importance of the political moment Romania is currently going through, that stability and predictability are essentially at stake in the coming years. And it’s time to choose how we want our Romania to be. (…) Responsibility must permanently guide the political decisions, and my firm belief is that with good faith and wisdom we will find the best solutions and overcome any obstacle,” Iohannis said at the Women in Economy 2020 Gala organized at the Romanian Athenaeum.

The President criticized the PSD governments and emphasized that in just a few months of governing, the National Liberal Party has initiated long-delayed reforms in priority areas such as infrastructure, energy, economy, labor, administration.

“If we look at what PSD has left behind, at the nefarious politics of the governments of the last years, which, although they styled themselves ‘social’, have neglected precisely solidarity and cohesion, we see increased inequalities, functional illiteracy, an unbalanced medical system, an often inefficient and opaque administration. These are just some of the reform challenges we must face together, but there are clear signs that give us hope and confidence in the future. The determination whereby, starting with last year, the Romanians have said ‘No’ to an anti-European political will and have thus demanded their right to be listened to and duly represented leaves no room for interpretation. I’ve said it and I repeat it, we need a restart for everything we begin building to last,” said the head of the state.

According to Iohannis, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains the most efficient driver of a dynamic, competitive and innovative economy.

“Normal Romania is a competitive Romania in a Europe of democratic values. The way we understand to pay attention to the importance of values and to the hierarchy thereof in society defines us not only as people, but as a country as well. We, Romanians, believe in the fundamental values of European civilization, in democracy and freedom, in justice, political pluralism, rule of law, integrity, equality before the law and more than anything, we believe in the freedom to choose for ourselves and to act according to the choices we make. I strongly believe that the economy of free initiative is the one that ensures sustainable prosperity and guarantees democratic stability, and that the entrepreneurial spirit remains the most efficient driver of a dynamic, competitive and innovative economy,” said the President, according to Agerpres.


He also pointed out that an important part of the activities during his first term were dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial initiative and the values of market economy.

“During this second term I will remain just as dedicated to strengthening entrepreneurial Romania. Despite the opposition of those who are still anchored in the past, I will continue to use all the prerogatives of the presidential office to make sure that the entrepreneurial initiative remains one of the main pillars of Romania’s development,” said Iohannis.

The President mentioned that according to statistics, the women’s entrepreneurial involvement has increased worldwide and that Romania is above the global average in this regard, as almost 40 percent of the shareholders of Romania’s current active companies are women.

“We must admit it, the creativity of women in the business area and not only, their entrepreneurial potential, their determination in getting involved, are far from being capitalized upon as they should, and I am referring also to the obstacles generated by the regional gaps and those between the urban and the rural environment. I say it openly, I support any program that aims to support the qualitative development of the economy, to stimulate competitiveness and innovation in the economy of our country. And the businesses developed by women are an integral part of entrepreneurial Romania, which I support with full confidence,” Iohannis said.

Acting Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, ministers, the ambassadors of Germany, France and the US were among the participants in the event.

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