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April 23, 2021

President Iohannis at the launch of “A forest as a country” campaign : More forests are needed in Romania

Attending the launch of the national aforestation campaign called “A forest as a country” at Uliesti, Dambovita County on Friday, President Klaus Iohannis said that a significant increase in Romania’s forested areas is necessary, given the context of the environmental problems facing the country.

“More forests are needed in Romania! I will explain why loud and clear. We have environmental problems. You know very well that over the last days there has been a lot of discussion about high pollution that can be seen everywhere in Romania. It is a fact that forests are not only good for walking or for logging. Forests are very important because they provide clean air. Forests clean the air. Forests contribute to a healthier, cleaner environment. On the one hand, we need to be very aware that the climate problem is a serious one. Global warming is a fact and for us it can be a very negative fact, especially here, in the south of the country, where there is a danger of desert areas forming. And that, of course, we do not want,” said Iohannis.

He added that according to studies, “the most effective measure against climate warming is planting forests.” The president underlined that the restoration of forests, where wood was illegally felled, represents an “insufficient” measure and called for the extension of such areas.

“We need to significantly increase forested areas in Romania and this campaign is a very good start and I hope it will be a symbol and an encouragement for many local administrations, who can use the land that is no longer used for anything else in agriculture, and I hope that in the coming years we will have a significant expansion of the forested areas in Romania. So, on the one hand, there should be protection, the elimination of illegal logging, and, on the other hand, massive plantation of forests. That is what I want for Romania and the future of its green gold,” said Iohannis, according to Agerpres.

Iohannis urged the government to find new tools for forest protection, adding that it is “inadmissible” for massive illegal logging to occur in the 21st century.

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