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March 23, 2023

37 coronavirus cases confirmed in Romania. Border Police monitors all the stopover flights

Head of the Emergencies Department Raed Arafat said on Wednesday that the Border Police monitors all the stopover flights to Romania, so that the passengers cannot conceal their actual departure country; the official explained that there have been attempts by entrants to mislead the authorities regarding their travel history.

“There are currently 752 cases under quarantine – 429 arrived via Hungary, 23 via Serbia, 70 via Bulgaria, 2 via Iasi, 94 came from Ukraine and 54 landed in Otopeni. I want to make this clear, the Border Police monitors all stopover flights so that the people who arrive in Romania cannot hide their departure points, no matter how they attempt to do it. There have been attempts by both road and air travelers to mislead us into believing they were coming from elsewhere. We’ve had people coming from Italy via Ukraine, or trying to enter the country through Giurgiu, changing planes and refusing certain flights and boarding others just in order to conceal what area they were coming from. We are calling on their sense of responsibility, because they put their own parents and grandparents at risk,” Arafat said at the headquarters of the Interior Ministry.

He asked everyone coming to Romania to cooperate with the authorities in order to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.


4,000 euro fine for those who don’t respect self-isolation at home


The persons who don’t respect self-isolation at home will receive a fine worth 4,000 euro, and the fine can be enforced several time if it is established that the measure is repeatedly breached, head of the Emergency Management Department (DSU) Raed Arafat said on Wednesday.

“It was a talk about fines. The fine in euro currency is 4,000 euro. This fine, if the rule is breached several times, the person goes out and is caught several times, can be amerced several times, if necessary. In Hunedoara there were two fines issued for two persons who said they came from Italy, from the non-risk area and after verifications it was established that they came from the area affected and placed in quarantine. In Calarasi, two persons said upon entering the country that they will enter self-isolation at home, but, so far, they didn’t arrive at the indicated place,” Arafat told a news conference at the Interior Ministry (MAI) headquarters.

He mentioned that there was a similar case in Suceava, however, the Border Police follows all the flights and can be informed regarding the origin of any persons’ flight, whether we are talking about Italy or other area under quarantine.

“Yesterday, there was a lot of pressure on behalf of some passengers to avoid the quarantine measure. We did not accept any exception. None! Not because we cannot understand, because we are evil, and think only in one direction, but the moment we accept an exception, this becomes a rule. And we ask those who come to Romania from the affected areas to understand this thing. We cannot make exceptions. The families with children were ensured rooms to stay together with their children, but at the quarantine site,” Arafat said.


Case number 37 confirmed in Romania


The 37th case of infection with the novel coronavirus in Romania was confirmed on Wednesday by the Strategic Communication Group (GCS).

ThAccording to the quoted source, the 47-year-old man from Bucharest traveled to Stuttgart between 26 February and 2 March, showing symptoms on 6 March. He was admitted at the “Victor Babes” Hospital.

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