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February 8, 2023

Foreign Ministry recommends all Romanian tourists who are in Spain, Germany and France to urgently return home

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) recommends the Romanian citizens who are on vacation or transiting the Kingdom of Spain, the French Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany, to take into account shortening their stay and urgently return to Romania, in the context of the development of the COVID-19 epidemic at European level.

According to a release issued on Friday, the MAE recommends the Romanian citizens, until leaving the territory of the respective states, to follow the information which is communicated by the local authorities with prerogatives in the area and strictly respect their recommendations.

Moreover, the MAE recommends them to constantly stay informed regarding the measures taken by Romania in order to combat the spreading of COVID-19, namely the procedure they follow upon arriving in Romania – the enforcement of quarantine for those who arrive in Romania from the red area and self-isolation at home for the people coming from the yellow area.

“The areas according to which self-isolation at home or quarantine are enforced on the persons who arrive in Romania can be found on the website of the National Institute of Public Health of Romania (www.cnscbt.ro),” according to the statement.

Moreover, the MAE recommends the Romanian citizens who intend to return to Romania on land or train to get informed regarding the conditions to enter/transit/exit the territory of the states they cross.

The MAE underscores the importance of information from official sources regarding the spreading of COVID-19 infection – the Health Ministry, the Interior Ministry – the Emergency Situation Department and the Foreign Affairs Ministry – and recommends people to call the info line specially dedicated to the Romanian citizens abroad (004021 3202020) and managed by the Health Ministry for recommendations and other additional pieces of information regarding the prevention and combating of the novel coronavirus infection.

The Romanian citizens who are on the territory of the three states can request consular assistance in case they are confronted with a difficult, special situation, of an urgent nature, at the following emergency telephone numbers:


*** The Kingdom of Spain – The Embassy of Romania in Madrid: +34 669.362.202;


The General Consulate of Romania in Barcelona: +34 661 547 853;


The General Consulate of Romania in Seville: +34 648 212 169;


The General Consulate of Romania in Bilbao: +34 608 956 278;


Romania’s Consulate in Castellon de la Plana: +34 677 842 467;


Romania’s Consulate in Ciudad Real: +34 609 513 790;


Romania’s Consulate in Zaragoza: +34 663 814 474;


Romania’s Consulate in Almeria: +34 682 733 408;


*** The French Republic – The Romanian Embassy in Paris: +33 680 713 729;


The General Consulate of Romania in Strasbourg: +33 627 050 022;


The General Consulate of Romania in Marseille: +33 610 027 164;


The General Consulate of Romania in Lyon: +33 643 627 736;


*** The Federal Republic of Germany – The Embassy of Romania in Berlin: +49 160 157 9938;

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