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March 1, 2021

Political instability in the midst of coronavirus crisis: PM-designate Citu resigns. Reactions

Florin Citu has resigned as prime minister-designate, the Presidential Administration said on Thursday.

The source also says President Klaus Iohannis has taken note of Citu’s decision and will hold a news briefing in the evening.


Parliament session to invest Citu gov’t – suspended after PM-designate resigns


Parliament’s session on the investiture of the Government was suspended on Thursday after Florin Citu resigned as PM-designate.

Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu announced he received an address from the PM-designate that the latter would file his resignation. “Under these circumstances, I suspend the meeting. (…) Saturday or Sunday we might have hearings for proposed ministers,” Ciolacu said.

On February 28, PM-designate Florin Citu filed with Parliament the Cabinet list and the governance programme. The proposed ministers were heard last week in the specialist parliamentary committees.


Resigning PM: I strongly believe that in order to be successful in the upcoming elections, the chairman of the party must also be prime minister


Resigning PM-designate Florin Citu said Thursday he decided to resign as prime minister-designate because he “strongly believes” that in order to be successful in the elections, the national chairman of the party must also be the prime minister, adding that the current context in which Romania finds itself was taken into consideration when deciding.

“An important message to the Romanians: today, I made the decision to tender my resignation as prime minister-designate to the President of Romania. My gesture should be interpreted in the context in which Romania currently finds itself. I am a party man and I understand to be with the party and his chairman in difficult times. I strongly believe that in order to be successful in the upcoming elections, the chairman of the party must also be prime minister. President Klaus Iohannis’s decision to appoint me as prime minister was an honour, but it was taken in the context in which early elections were a solution agreed upon by most parties. This variant does not exist today. I made this decision with responsibility, transparency and professionalism,” Citu wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.


Reactions: “PNL is as dangerous as coronavirus”


Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu, interim Social Democratic Party (PSD) chairman, said on Thursday, after the resignation of the PM-designate, that “it is the best thing that could have happened for Romanians.” “What I promise you as Chamber Speaker is that we will speed up all hearings for the investiture of a new government,” said Ciolacu, when asked if the PSD would go to the consultations with a PM proposal.

The Save Romania Union (USR) believes that PM-designate Florin Citu’s resignation represents a proof of the fact that everything that happened over the past two weeks was a charade.

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said that PM-designate Florin Citu’s gesture of tabling his resignation is “a disregard of the institution of Parliament” and “a mockery of all Romanians.”

Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta said on Thursday, after Florin Citu resigned as PM-designate, that the PNL is as dangerous as the coronavirus, qualifying the resignation as irresponsible.

PLUS Bucharest leader Vlad Voiculescu, in turn, says the PNL has made an “irresponsible” gesture and has proven “embarrassing politicianism.”


USR’s Barna says he expects explanations from the President


Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna announced on Thursday that he expects explanations from President Klaus Iohannis on the sidelines of the political crisis “created by the National Liberal Party (PNL)” as a result of Florin Citu’s resignation as Prime Minister-designate.

“Today, we had the chance in Parliament to stop a political crisis and focus on Romania. The PNL decided to extend the political crisis, this is the reality which every citizen sees. (…) We await for President’s stance. I expect some explanations somehow from the point of view of Romania’s citizens for this ridicule circus which happened today. We’ll see what the next nomination will be, if there will be a nomination or we will start again the simulation of consultations and depending on this, we will discuss concrete proposals. (…) Nothing changed, we are here to get involved actively, truly get involved, not with two secretaries of state in a possible formula, if needed,” Barna said in Parliament. He labeled what happened as a “mockery.”


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