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June 25, 2022

PM Orban: Gov’t will use full exercise capacity to minimize possibility of Romanians getting COVID-19

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that the Government will use the full exercise capacity, regained with the investiture in Parliament, to continue the necessary measures “to minimize as much as possible the possibility of Romanian citizens getting infected with COVID-19”.

its powers, we have the possibility to issue normative acts with law value, emergency ordinances and other categories of normative acts, we are also in full exercise capacity and we will use this capacity to continue the measures that are required to minimize the possibility of Romanian citizens getting infected with COVID-19,” Ludovic Orban said on Sunday, in an online press conference.

He also asked for a responsible attitude on the part of the Romanian citizens and the observance of the measures imposed by the authorities.


“Relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Romania are the best proof of the efficiency of the measures taken by the authorities”


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban says that the best proof of the efficiency of the measures taken by the authorities is represented by the “relatively low” number of COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Romania.

“The fact that in Romania the spread of the virus has had a much slower pace and the number of diagnosed cases is still relatively low is the best proof that all measures we have taken were efficient,” Orban said at an online press conference.


“We’ll try to limit as much as possible the impact on the citizens’ rights and freedoms”


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said that the Government will try, through the measures included as part of the state of emergency, to limit as much as possible the impact on the citizens’ rights and freedoms.

“Any measure included as part of the state of emergency will be a measure we consider absolutely necessary and we’ll try to limit to the maximum the possible impact on rights and freedoms within the state of emergency,” Ludovic Orban told an online press conference on Sunday.

The prime minister said that, following the announcement of President Klaus Iohannis regarding the establishment of the state of emergency, he asked the ministers to come up with proposals for measures to be included in the plan for the presidential decree.

“We have seen a lot of information circulated irresponsibly about possible measures to be taken as part of the state of emergency. At the request of the president, I asked each relevant minister who needs special measures to be included in the measure plan for the presidential decree, by which the state of emergency is established, to come with these measures, and I want to assure the Romanian citizens that we will take only those measures that are absolutely necessary. I will give you only a few examples. It is known that we need substances, medicines, protection equipment, which are currently obtained with great difficulty, due to the increased demand from all states for such materials. We need quick, immediate procurement procedures, through direct negotiation, whenever we have the possibility to conclude contracts to get such products, equipment, which are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the entire apparatus that is fighting against this virus,” said Orban.

He added that measures are also needed to strengthen all institutions that are at the forefront of the battle.

“[We plan measures for] strengthening public health directorates, strengthening all structures within the Ministry of Interior, strengthening the capacity of hospitals to receive patients and provide the health services that are absolutely needed,” said Orban.

The prime minister anticipated that another measure that can be taken, after a very careful study, is the measure “to limit the price increases for medicines and such products, which are very much sought right now, so as not to allow speculation with these products.”

“And there is this possibility to cap prices on certain absolutely necessary products, such as masks, gloves, protection equipment, disinfectants, biocides and other product categories,” said Orban.


No problem with funding Romania’s public expenses


He has announced on Sunday evening that there currently are no problems regarding the funding of Romania’s public expenditure.

Referring to the possibility of a loan from the International Monetary Fund, Orban has said there hasn’t been any such talk so far.


PM Orban: Even if I tested negative, I must isolate for 14 days


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has stated that he must stay 14 days in isolation, even if the result of the coronavirus test he took was negative.

“Even though I was tested and the test result is negative, I have the obligation to stay in isolation for 14 days,” said Orban.

He explained that he decided to isolate himself in an official building and not at home, because there he has all the necessary things to exercise the prime minister prerogatives.

“I decided to stay in isolation in an official building administered by RAAPPS [State Protocol Patrimony Administration Corporation] (…), I decided to isolate myself here because this residence allows me to fully exercise the prerogatives as prime minister,” said Orban.

He said his family is at home.

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