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November 30, 2022

U.S. Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman hails the investiture of the new Orban Gov’t, appreciates Romanians for having united to address a problem of global magnitude

United States Ambassador in Bucharest Adrian Zuckerman hails the investiture of the new Orban Government and appreciates “the people of Romania for having united in this time of crisis to address a problem of global magnitude.”

On behalf of President Trump I wish to express my deep appreciation to the people of Romania for having united in this time of crisis to address a problem of global magnitude,” the diplomat said in a statement published on the embassy website on Sunday.

In his opinion, “the members of the various political parties, and especially President of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu, who moved swiftly to confirm and swear in the government, should be commended for putting the safety of Romania and its people above political partisanship.” “They exemplified leadership in exigent circumstances,” the ambassador added.

In this context, Zuckerman brings to mind the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Swift and drastic measures, by a stable and focused government, are necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. The health, safety and welfare of the Romanian people, and the world, are in the balance,” he says.

At the same time, he mentions the United State’s solidarity with Romania, in this context.

“President Iohannis and Prime Minister Orban should also be commended for their leadership and expeditious implementation of extraordinary measures to protect people’s lives and well-being. The people of the United States are united with and stand with the people of Romania as we struggle together to counter this pandemic,” Zuckerman shows.

He brings to mind the importance of the aid granted to the most vulnerable in the society, the elderly and the sick. “We shall continue to work together to help the most vulnerable in our societies, the elderly and the sick, from succumbing to this scourge,” he says.

“Romania has again demonstrated that it is poised for greatness. Its leaders have risen to the challenge of this new crisis and put Romania and its people first. This exemplifies the integrity and resolve that has made Romania a crucial part of Europe’s economic, social and political community. The people of Romania have no better friend than the people of the United States, who will support Romania every step of the way,” Adrian Zuckerman says in his statement.

The new Government headed by Ludovic Orban was sworn-in before President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday.

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