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January 19, 2022

President Iohannis, in videoconference with PM Orban and ministers on COVID-19: I am interested, at this stage, to move ahead very quickly

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, in a video conference with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and the ministers responsible for managing the COVID-19 epidemic, that the state of emergency is for 30 days, and that the measures must be taken very fast.

“I issued the decree establishing the state of emergency in Romania for 30 days. This decree is rather sizeable and contains measures that I have discussed with you and the other ministers, plus some measures that were considered necessary in the discussions with the members of the country’s Supreme Council for National Defence, that endorsed the plan of measures, as those of you who are members of the CSAT know very well. I am interested, at this stage, to move ahead very quickly and I expect from you to communicate, each in the field you manage, what measures you have already taken from the ones set out in the decree, what measures you have planned and within what timeframe, what agenda for the following days. I repeat, the state of emergency lasts 30 days and it is imperative – both for this reason, and in the public interest – that we move very, very fast,” said Iohannis, at the video conference.

He asked the Government representatives to specify the impact on the population in the case of the measures they take, a very short term evaluation, a short term evaluation and a 30-day evaluation. The head of state also requested the economic impact of the measures.

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