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December 5, 2022

Romanian authorities adopt new set of measures to limit COVID-19 spreading

Interior Minister Marcel Vela, in a press statement at the Interior Ministry (MAI) headquarters on Tuesday, announced a new set of measures meant to prevent the COVID-19 spreading.

One of the measures taken by the decision group of the Interior Ministry, presented to the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations (CNSSU), refers to the suspension of the activity of serving and consuming food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic products in restaurants, cafes and hotels, allowing only the trade in products that doesn’t entail the customers’ staying inside the unit.

Another measure is the suspension for 14 days, starting 18 March, at 18:00, of all flights to and from Spain.

Furthermore, cultural, artistic, sport or religious activities in confined spaces will be prohibited, Interior Minister Marcel Vela announced, pointing out that any event entailing the participation of over 100 persons in open spaces is also banned. Also, the organisation of events of up to 100 persons in open spaces must provide measures ensuring the minimum one metre distance among participants.

He also made a call on calm, showing that Romania is not in the situation of closing cities or rationalising food.

In his statement, Vela also advised the diaspora that it is not a good time to return home, underscoring that those who do come will enter directly in quarantine or home isolation.


Arafat: INSP designated as the authority in charge with monitoring testing and reporting cases situations generated by the novel coronavirus


The National Public Health Institute (INSP) has been designated as the authority in charge with monitoring testing and the integrated reporting of the situations generated by the novel coronavirus, head of the Department for Emergency Situations with the Interior Ministry (MAI), Secretary of State Raed Arafat said on Tuesday evening.

“All analyses, all investigations – how many tests are left, how many tests have been taken, how many negative, how many positive – will be centralised by the INSP and reported to the Health Ministry and the MAI Command and Control Center, namely the Department for Emergency Situations,” Arafat said.

He also pointed out that 162 special tents were installed for medical triage and for making traffic at border crossing points swifter.

“You can see such tents in front of some hospitals, where they have been installed to separate the flows between those coming for other reasons than fever and respiratory symptoms and those coming for those reasons where a pre-evaluation is done before entering the emergency reception unit,” Arafat explained.

The MAI official announced that the National Defence Ministry, under another order issued on Tuesday, together with “Ana Aslan” Institute will conduct the measures to install ROL2 hospital of the Romanian Army and a camp coming to the aid of the respective hospital and will use spaces of the “Ana Aslan” Institute to prepare a sanitary unit that will allow the treatment of those with light or intermediate forms (of coronavirus) in particular, if the number increases and this is necessary.

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