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October 5, 2022

Information campaign of the Association for Combating Illicit Trade Viitorul – ACTIV. 5 simple rules to reduce risks at shopping: How to avoid illicit trade goods

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We are all concerned about the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). That is why it is more important than ever to be careful what we buy. 5 simple rules can help us reduce the unnecessary risks posed by the consumption of smuggled goods, the quality of which is not verified by anyone and which arrive in the country through organised crime networks.


  1. Do not buy products in the street


In times of crisis you are tempted to look for cheaper alternatives. But also there are people who want to take even more advantage than usual from the fact that we are vulnerable. Sometimes even people you bought products for years will try to sell you poor quality things. Or maybe they will be deceived by the people they supply from. That’s why it’s important to buy only from stores. That’s the only way you’ll be sure that the products you take home are the ones you paid for, because they’re checked from the moment of production until they get to the shelf.


2.Buy only with fiscal receipt. And try using electronic means of payment

The fiscal receipt functions as a double guarantee:

  • Product quality: If you get home and there is a problem with what you bought, you can go back to the store.
  • The fact that the one you buy from pays taxes. In times of crisis, more than ever, we need to be in solidarity and fair. From the taxes paid by each of us are paid the doctors and medicines we need or the police and emergency services that provide us with safety in the country and at the borders.

In addition, when you buy from the store, try paying by card or mobile phone, thus avoiding the cash, which can become sources of contamination.


  1. Buy products labeled in Romanian language

Products intended for the Romanian market will necessarily have a label in Romanian language. If the label is missing, you can’t be sure the product is authentic and you shouldn’t buy it.


  1. Buy online only from verified websites


If you want to shop online, do it only from well-known and verified online sites or stores that can guarantee you will get home what you paid for. It also checks the prices displayed, as well as the fact that payment is made through a secure platform, such as https.


  1. Buy with measure and avoid speculations


You don’t have to buy more than usual. You can only buy as much as you need. Because you don’t eat more. All manufacturers and traders have an interest in producing and selling and will continue to do so.

No one wins when you buy more. The others will no longer find their products. And you’ll have supplies that will age on the shelf in the pantry.

Follow the 5 rules and buy without risks! Send information about those trying to deceive your trust to the authorities and carefully check your purchased sources and products!

It is in our power to overcome this period! Each of us can contribute to the good functioning of the economy through the choices he makes. Choose assumed original products! Do not encourage, especially during this period, tax evasion!


*This campaign is  carried out with the support of STOP CONTRABAND, a campaign by British American Tobacco.

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