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December 1, 2022

Ponta: The sooner stay-at-home order is issued, the better, yet preceded by protection measures

Pro Romania Chairman Victor Ponta considers that a stay-at-home order should be issued as soon as possible, but that it should be preceded by a set of measures to protect the people under curfew and provide fiscal support for the workers in certain sectors.

“I think it is good and normal that we stay at home during this period, but as we are already stressed out and scared, (…) one needs to know that as per law they won’t have their light and gas cut off, that the bank doesn’t repossess their home and car, and that the tax authority doesn’t penalize them for delaying their dues. All this has to be done before the stay-at-home decision is issued, because otherwise people will break the curfew to pay their installments, invoices or taxes,” Ponta said in a video message posted on Facebook.

He also said that the government must clearly establish the period for the curfew order.

“It’s an order identical to what has been enforced in Italy for several weeks now and in France for a week. I think we have to get there. We must help these extraordinary people who work in hospitals and try to stop the epidemic. (…) And we cannot help them otherwise but by imposing these draconian rules. (…) I don’t like this sitting on the fence attitude. We need to be notified as soon as possible when this period begins, because it will begin, to help the doctors, the nurses. (…) Nobody knows how the epidemic evolves, but you have to give the people a term,” Victor Ponta said.

He mentioned that the government must issue an emergency ordinance providing that as long as the population stays in isolation, utilities will not be cut off for non-payment, that the tax authority won’t move to foreclose on them for state debts, and the banks won’t repossess their homes or cars for failure to pay their installments.

“If we all stay at home, the government must announce by emergency ordinance that those who produce and supply food, energy, internet services, the medical staff are getting support, fiscal support included. These are not normal times, we are going through a crisis. (…) We must think of all those who need to get out of the house: the medical personnel, police, firefighters, carriers, those who sell us food. Do we have protective equipment, disinfectant solutions for all of them?,” Ponta inquires.

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