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May 29, 2022

Raed Arafat, appeal to population to not take anything appearing in public space in consideration until it’s adopted

State Secretary with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) Raed Arafat said, on Friday, that the citizens should not take into consideration anything that appears in the public space until it is adopted, mentioning that the draft regarding restrictions to travel outside the home is not adopted, can suffer many modifications, and the “irresponsibility” of the person who made the document public is “evident”.

He explained that the document is done for the analysis of the Technical-Scientific Working Group of the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations.

According to him, Romania is not in the situation of some countries with a very high number of cases up to this moment, and the measures that are proposed still have a preventive character, “which would limit the spread as much as possible, as is recommended by several international organizations.”

The Strategic Communication Group (GCS), stated, on Friday, that the Technical-Scientific Group is analyzing different proposals on the basis of scenarios referring to the development of the spread of the new coronavirus, taking into account the practice of other states that are facing the same problems, and the document appeared publicly that contained stricter measures regarding the travel outside the home of the people is a “working” one, which was not submitted for approval to the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations (CNSSU), an authority able to make decisions in such situations.

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