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November 29, 2022

GCS: 433 persons infected with novel coronavirus, two persons died. Average age of patients with COVID-19 is 41

A number of 433 persons have tested positive for the novel coronavirus so far, and two persons died, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Sunday.

Of them, 64 were declared cured and discharged, 47 in Timisoara, 11 in Bucharest, 3 in Craiova, one in Iasi and 2 in Constanta.

Since the latest information broadcast, 66 new cases of COVID-19 infection have been recorded.

The newly confirmed patients are aged between 9 and 74, the GCS mentioned.

“Today, 22 March, the first two deaths have been registered on Romania’s territory of some patients infected with the novel coronavirus. It is a 67-year-old patient confirmed with COVID-19 on 18 March 2020 at the Emergency Unit of Filiasi Hospital and transferred on the same date to SCBI Craiova, the patient was suffering from very serious pre-existing conditions, neoplazic pathology in a terminal stage (cancer). The second patient, aged 74, was admitted at the “Dr. Victor Babes” Clinical Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases – Bucharest, transferred from the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, having a pre-existing chronic disease for which he was in the dialysis programme,” the quoted source indicated.

Furthermore, 14 patients are admitted to the Anesthesia – Intensive Care ward, of whom three in a serious health condition. The health status of the other patients is good, stationary.

According to the GCS, on Romania’s soil, there are 4,803 persons in institutionalized quarantine for whom checks are being conducted to see if they contracted COVID-19. Other 65,799 persons are isolated at home and under medical supervision.

“To date, nationwide, 9,967 tests have been processed, 242 of them in private medical units,” the GCS mentioned.

In the past 24 hours, there were 1,231 calls to the 112 single emergency line and 4,857 to the TELVERDE line for the information of citizens (0800 800 358).


129 criminal cases opened for crime of hindering disease combat


A number of 129 criminal cases have been opened so far, through the authorised structures of the Interior Ministry (MAI) for committing the offense of hindering disease combat, a felony stipulated and punished by article 352 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Sunday.

According to the quoted source, the Police enforced 520 contravention sanctions for non-compliance with the isolation / quarantine measures.

“In respect to the situation of the Romanian citizens who are in other states, according to the information received by the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania abroad, so far, 43 Romanian citizens have been confirmed as infected with COVID-19: 33 in Italy, 4 in Spain, 2 in Namibia, one in Luxembourg, one in Ireland, one in Tunisia and one in France. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic and up to this moment, 8 Romanian citizens abroad have died, namely 7 in Italy and one in France,” the GCS mentioned.

The GCS brings citizens to mind to only take into consideration information verified by official sources and to call the TELVERDE line – 0800 800 358 for recommendations and other information. The TELVERDE line is not an emergency number, but a phone line strictly to inform citizens.

Moreover, Romanians abroad can request information regarding the prevention and combat against the virus at the specially dedicated line – +4021 320 20 20.

Until 21 March 2020, a number of 121,061 cases were reported in the EU/the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Andorra. Most cases were registered in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Average age of patients with COVID-19 is 41


Of the 433 persons diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, patients between 40 and 49 years old represent 26 pct of cases, those aged 30 – 39 represent 18 pct, those aged 20 – 29 represent 14 pct and those aged 60 – 69 represent 4 pct, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informed on Sunday.

According to the quoted source, 50 pct are women, 46 pct are men, and 4 pct are children under 18 years old.

The average age of the patients is 41.

According to the GCS, most cases, namely 112, 26 pct, respectively, were recorded in patients aged 40 – 49, followed by 110 cases (26 pct) in patients aged 30 – 39, a number of 79 cases (18 pct) were registered in patients aged 50 – 59 and 60 cases (14 pct) in patients aged 20 – 29.

Moreover, 27 patients (6 pct) are aged 60 – 69, 19 patients (4 pct) are aged 10 – 19, 17 patients (4 pct) are aged 70 – 79, 8 patients (2 pct) are aged 0 – 9 and one patient is over 80 years old.


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