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September 28, 2021

President Iohannis urges police to be vigilant, firm in enforcing law and protect those in need

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday sent a message on the occasion of the Police Day, urging the police staff to be, in the current context, a model of behavior and responsibility and enforce the law firmly, yet with respect for the human dignity.

“Dear police staff, in this period, that is one of the most difficult Romania has ever known, (…) you are among those who have the capacity to to contribute significantly to sustaining the efforts so that our country overcome well the hard moments we are all going through. Your mission is to protect the people and at the same time, to ensure a social climate of equity, balance, safety and trustworthiness. In this difficult context, you have the moral duty to be an example of behavior and responsibility for the citizens among whom you are carrying out your activity and whom you serve, to make proof of the confidence you were entrusted with and enforce the law firmly, yet with respect for the human dignity. Dear police staff, be vigilant, be firm in enforcing the law and equally protect those who now need support! Even if the enemy is invisible, the fight is as real as it could be and it is a fight we must win,” Iohannis says in his message.

The president thanks the police for all the sacrifice they make in this period, for professionalism and bravery.

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