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April 12, 2021

President Iohannis: Romania, to buy, on behalf of EU, protective medical equipment and ventilators within the limit of 10 million euro

Romania will buy, on behalf of the European Union, protective medical equipment and ventilators for setting up a strategic reserve on the territory of our county within the limit of 10 million euro, President Klaus Iohannis has stated on Thursday.

“At European level, it has been decided, based on a project approved during our Presidency at the Council of the European Union, the setting up of a strategic medical equipment reserve, within the European Civil Protection Mechanism, a European mechanism designed so that the European Union can prevent, prepare and respond to various crises and disasters, such as the epidemic we are confronted with. It is very important, Romania is the first European Union member state that received the accept of the European Commission to start the necessary acquisition procedures to establish this reserve of the European Union on our country’s territory. In a first stage, the acquisition carried out by Romania, on behalf of the European Union, within the limit of 10 million euro, is aimed at protective medical equipment – masks and individual protection suits – and ventilators. This procedure is carried out independently from the purchases made directly by the Commission, but when these materials will are available, we too, in Romania, will be able to request a part of this strategic reserve,” Iohannis explained at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He showed that he will present within the videoconference with European Council members, to be held on Thursday, Romania’s efforts within this project, announcing that the discussions with the suppliers have already begun.

“I will ask a more consistent funding on this programme and I will show Romania’s availability to also get involved more in other areas of this mechanism. On a different note, I will convey to our partners in the Union that we need functional chains of supply in order to ensure the appropriate access of our citizens to the essential goods, and for this, the barriers in the supply chains should be eliminated and other blockages prevented,” the head of state said.

He underscored that it is important that the joint acquisition procedures of equipment and medical devices necessary to manage the epidemic be completed as soon as possible, so that the interested member states be able to quickly take possession of these products.


Head of State reiterates call on Romanians: Observe the restrictions imposed by the authorities; stay home


President Klaus Iohannis reiterated his call on Romanians on Thursday to observe the restrictions imposed by the authorities and stay home.

“I want to reiterate my call on all Romanians: please, dear Romanians, observe the restrictions imposed by the authorities! Stay home, because only this way we can protect our heath. The better we manage now to keep under control and limit the spreading of the coronavirus, the faster we can all return to the activities we are missing now. I know it is hard, but only making these sacrifices, we will win the fight with this extremely dangerous enemy,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

Via: Agerpres

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Commissioner Cretu, at the presentation conference of the Country Report for Romania: Not all Romanians benefit from economic growth. Poverty remains an important problem for Romania and regional inequalities increase. FinMin Teodorovici: EU officials only feign interest in citizens, everyone for themselves The Country Report presented by the European Commission that includes Romania in the imbalanced states’ category was drafted based on media-provided information and placed in a wrong context, and the European officials often only feign interest in the EU citizens, while seeing to their own interest, Romanian Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici on Friday told an event organised by the European Commission, on the launch of the Country Report. “Romania was parked in the category of the states with imbalances although only one indicator in the scoreboard related to the analysis exceeds the specific reference criterion, namely the GDP percentage of the net international investment position. Since 2012, the value of this indicator has improved by 19.7pct, up to 47.7pct of GDP in 2017. It is a more than favourable evolution, yet the Commission has chosen to place Romania in the category of the states with imbalances, even if the thresholds associated with this indicator are currently exceeded by 13 EU Member States,” the minister said. According to Teodorovici, out of the 15 countries that are not facing imbalances, none is observing the ceilings specific to all of the indicators in the scoreboard. He added that the officials at the helm of the European Commission are concerned with the citizens’ welfare only at a declarative level. “Speaking of equality at European level, I try to recall or read in fact on my papers what the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was saying in his speech on the state of the country in 2017: ‘I will not accept that food of lower quality be sold in certain parts of Europe than in other countries, although the packaging and branding are identical. We must offer the national authorities increased competencies in order to eliminate any illegal practices.’ What is the outcome today? It is the end of the current EC mandate and these competencies have not been granted. So, in terms of double standard, we are witnessing some positive statements, unaccompanied by regulations, though. The EU only seems concerned with the issue of the food’s double standard,” the Finance minister asserted. Teodorovici highlighted that European Commissioner Corina Cretu, attending the event, is running for the European Parliament which in his opinion, does not make her a representative dialogue partner at EU level. He recommended that the European officials never use in their reports misleading articles from the national media which in his opinion, are totally incorrect and irresponsible. Upon leaving, the minister was asked by the journalists what is it with this anti-European message. “My message is not anti-European, I’m a pro-European person, this is me my entire life, I was also involved in the negotiation concerning Romania’s accession to the EU and in attracting EU funds, and not only. Am I criticising? I’ll criticise anyone who has an unfair approach with regard to Romania, if this is an anti-European message, then so be it. If one calls a spade a spade that doesn’t mean he-she is anti-European. All the small countries should be treated in the same way as the other countries,” Teodorovici stressed.