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October 25, 2021

Enel companies in Romania donate 100,000 euros to support the activity of Matei Bals Hospital in fighting covid-19

Enel Romania joined the efforts of the medical teams, in order to support their fight against COVID-19 and their struggle to heal the patients infected. Therefore, Enel Romania, through its supply and electricity distribution companies, donates 100,000 euros to support the activity of Institutul Național de Boli Infecțioase – Prof. Dr. Matei Balş.

The donation will be made through the Association “Societatea de boli infecțioase și HIV/SIDA”, which serves shoulder to shoulder with Institutul Național de Boli Infecțioase – Prof. Dr. Matei Balş in the fight against COVID-19. The amount will be used for medical equipment necessary for the prevention and control the spread of the virus, and also for ensuring the necessary medical means to be able to treat as many people as possible.

During the last weeks, Enel Romania has implemented a series of measures meant to help curb the spread of the COVID-19, out of care for the communities it serves, for the customers and also for its employees.

Therefore, all activities involving the direct contact with the public were suspended, offering the customers alternative communication channels. Also, Enel Romania has activated the long-term smart working (tele-working) regime for all the activities of its employees for which this is applicable, with exception for undelayable, essential activities, which are necessary to guarantee the continuity of the service and security of the national electricity system.

The company has also prepared a continuity plan, in order to ensure the safety in the supply of electric energy in the areas that could be declared “red zones” by the authorities.

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