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June 25, 2022

MEP Basescu: European Commission’s measure package to reboot economy, a true Marshall Plan

The package of measures to rebooting economy forwarded by the European Commission and voted by the European Parliament is a “true Marshall Plan for the European Union”, on Friday wrote the European Parliament Member Traian Basescu, with the Romanian People’s Movement Party (PMP), on his Facebook page.

Basescu expressed hope that Romania will be able to “capitalise” the momentum given that it is an investment and not consumption oriented plan.

“I have analysed carefully the package of measures (…) a brave European Commission, oriented to the future has proposed to the European Parliament’s endorsement a credible, efficient package of measures to overcome the deep economic crisis and relaunch the economies of all of the member states,” Basescu wrote.

He added that the said package of economic measures is “a true Marshall Plan for the EU with a 31 December 2020 limited enforcement”.

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