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December 9, 2022

President Iohannis: It’s a very hard period, things will continue to get graver still

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday, that things will continue to be grave and that an increase in the number of patients is expected, yet he said the state is preparing better and better to overcome this very difficult time.

“It’s a hard period, it’s a very hard period. Unfortunately, and this is what the experts tell us, things will continue to get graver still. We expect, unfortunately, an increase in the number of patients, but we all see that the state is preparing better and better. I very much desire that Romanians be better and better prepared and respect these norms. Together we will overcome this crisis,” said the head of state.

Iohannis appealed to citizens to respect the hygiene norms and to avoid contact with other people.

“As well as the authorities are prepared, and they are well prepared, a significant part comes down to each Romanian in this fight to prevent the coronavirus spreading. It’s very, very important – and I will say this with every statement I make – to avoid contact with other people, avoid touching, avoid hugging, avoid at all cost to meet with several people in the same place! Respect all hygiene norms! Even if it sounds like a paradox, the most important thing is to wash our hands very often, to avoid touching other people physically,” Iohannis added.

He conducted, on Saturday, a visit to the ROL 2 Military Field Hospital, set up in the campus of the Ana Aslan National Institute for Gerontology and Geriatrics in Otopeni.

Wearing gloves and a surgical mask, President Klaus Iohannis got out of the car and saluted Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, Health Minister Nelu Tataru, Interior Minister Marcel Vela, as well as the commander of the unit.

“Looks good here”, said President Iohannis, after which he requested filming be stopped.

According to the Defence Ministry (MApN), the ROL 2 type medical formation comprises, amongst others, triage, laboratory, radiology, sterilization, and decontamination area units.

The ROL 2 medical formation of the MApN has also functioned as an external section for infectious disease in the fight against the Ebola virus and was a component of the NATO exercises “Saber Guardian 19” and “Vigorous Warrior 19” – the largest exercise with a focus on medicine organized up to now by the North Atlantic Alliance, which took place last year in Romania.

From within the MApN, the activity has the support of the Medical Directorate, the Carol Davila Central University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, the General Staff of the Land Forces, the General Staff of the Air Forces, the Joint Logistics Command and the Communications and Information Command.

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