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November 30, 2022

Coronavirus: Romania on the threshold of scenario 4

President of the Microbiology Society, Alexandru Rafila (photo), stated that it’s possible that the figure of 2,000 confirmed coronavirus cases be exceeded on Monday, context in which the level 4 alert will be started.

“I don’t want us to induce a state of panic, because we have no reasons. (…) We must act as such to limit the transmission of this disease. On the other hand, the new cases that appear are in an expected trend that will make it that tomorrow, most probably, we will exceed that figure of nearly 2,000 cases which is considered the threshold for the level 4 alert. (…) If we have 1,760 cases, it’s probably that tomorrow, at the latest the day after tomorrow – at the latest it will be Tuesday, but most probably Monday – given that we had 300 new cases today (…) it’s a matter we must take ass such and prepare with hospitals so that we can receive patients in graver states and think of a solution for those coming in with light variants or are asymptomatic be treated either at home or in dedicated spaces,” said, on Sunday, Rafila, at private broadcaster Digi 24.

He emphasized that the emergency is treating patients outside hospitals so that they are not overcrowded.

Rafila said that 80 pct of those diagnosed have light or medium variants and 20 pct – graver or critical variants.


New military ordinance to follow


Health Minister Nelu Tătaru said on Saturday evening, in an interview for Digi24, that Romania is approaching scenario 4 and that a new military ordinance will follow for the implementation of the new measures.

Scenario 4 is applied after exceeding the threshold of 2,000 infections. In this scenario, mild cases are treated at home, and only moderate-severe cases will be admitted to infectious diseases hospitals sections, while the critical cases will be admitted to intensive care.

According to the reports on Sunday by the Strategic Communication Group, the number of infections in Romania was 1,760 persons, with 8,666 persons in quarantine and another 132,641 in self-isolation.

At the same time, the testing methodology will be changed. Not only quarantined and infected people or persons who came into contact with infected people will be tested, but all those with symptoms.

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