Authorities adopt Military Ordinances 5 and 6: Extension of flight suspension to and from Italy and Spain

Interior Ministry (MAI) Secretary of State Bogdan Despescu on Monday evening announced the adoption of Military Ordinance No. 5, which provides extending the suspension of airline flights to and from Spain and Italy.

“The measure of suspending the flights operated by airlines to Spain and from Spain to Romania for a period of 14 days, starting 31 march 2020, 18,00hrs, is extended. The measure of suspending flights operated by airlines to Italy and from Italy to Romania for a period of 14 days, starting 6 April 2020, is extended,” Despescu announced.

The new military ordinance provides that persons not observing quarantine will be criminally liable, according to law, and those not observing the isolation requirements at the indicated place will be forced to enter quarantine and will be sanctioned.

Military Ordinance No. 5 will come into force after the publication in the Official Journal.


Municipality of Suceava and adjoining area, quarantined


Interior Minister Marcel Vela announced on Monday evening the issuance of Military Ordinance No. 6, which provides the quarantine of the Municipality of Suceava and an adjoining area, made up of eight communes, as well as the establishment of a protection area on some administrative-territorial units of Suceava County.



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