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April 21, 2021

TBI Bank donates 250,000 lei for the medical needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic

TBI Bank understands the scale of the collective challenge faced globally and in the main countries where the bank is operational – Bulgaria and Romania, and is aware of the huge responsibility it has to ensure that people will still be able to rely on its support in times of economic need. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an extraordinary medical situation and health systems are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of equipment and medical workers.

TBI Bank donates 250,000 lei to cover the unexpected medical needs of the health systems. The bank wants to assure that the funds will have an impact, so it will provide specific equipment to the institutions in need.

“In times like this we count on the real heroes working day and night in the hospitals for the wellbeing of our societies. The medical workers carry an enormous weight on their shoulders – we at TBI Bank can only hope that our humble donation will be of help for them”, says Petr Baron, CEO of TBI.

TBI Bank underlines that the most important goal is to keep everyone safe, from customers and employees to their families and the overall society. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, the bank has taken all measures to ensure a safe environment for customers and employees, including providing disinfectants, working from home for as many employees as possible and different schedules for teams who need to work in the offices. TBI Bank disinfects all offices and branches regularly, following guidelines from authorities, and recommends its digital channels for customers who need to interact with the bank.


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