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December 4, 2022

8 reasons not to ever visit Romania

Romania is the country from the European Union which attracts the least foreign tourists, according to the latest statistics of NIS, in 2019. Although it is one of the most spectacular countries from Europe, the poor promotion strategy repelled tourists just like 2 magnets of the same pole repel each other.

The Travlocals.com booking platform, focused on locally oriented experiences and premium rural tourism aimed to tear apart these 8 reasons you should never visit Romania.


  1. Is Romania safe?


No, Romania is not a safe country for criminals and terrorists. Our country is on the 25th place in the safest countries of the world top, having a very low crime rate and no mass terrorist attack.


  1. Is Romania an expensive country?


Yes, our country is so expensive that many foreign tourists who are visiting it opt for stays of minimum one week, unlike the 3-4 days average stay in the neighbouring countries.


  1. Is Romania a poor country?


Yes, Romania is a poor country, ideal for the lovers of authentic rural tourism. The lack of chaotic development helped the excellent preservation of the traditions and customs which are centuries old.

In this country, isolated communities which have an archaic lifestyle still exists. We can say that these people are poor when it comes to their wealth, but they are spiritually rich and willing to offer guests who are crossing their threshold everything they have.


  1. How is the food in Romania? Is it safe to eat here?


Unfortunately, you will have to be very prudent when you eat so that you won’t get sick.

Being at the junction of the great empires, Romania, including its kitchen, has lots of Oriental, Greek, Russian and West-European influences. Furthermore, many rural communities engage in ecological agriculture. Practically, people raise animals and grow fruits or vegetables in their own households.

The food is so delicious and the portions are huge. According to tradition, the host will get upset if you don’t finish everything from your plate, so beware!


  1. The services offered in Romania are of poor quality


It is true that us, as citizens of this country, do not benefit from quality services from the state, but, according to the saying  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, we learned that we have to treat our guests well.

So, Romania was voted in the top 10 of the most welcoming countries of the world, according to a study made by Booking.com, based on the reviews received by 750,000 partner locations.


  1. Romania is a deserted country


According to an UN report, Romania is the country which lost most of its population because of the migration, after Syria. We are talking about approx. 3 million people who went abroad, but not all with good intentions. Since the population reduced, so did the degree of crime. In addition to that, touristically, Romania becomes more and more attractive as people are looking for escapes from the crowded places to isolated refuges, located in enchanting areas.


  1. You have nothing to do or see in Romania as a tourist


Romanians are the weakest nation when it comes to advertising as they prefer self-criticism over bragging. How many countries of the world were blessed with such versatile landscapes?

Approx 30% of the country’s territory consists of mountain area with fairytale sceneries, we have the best preserved delta of the world (Danube Delta),  access to the Black Sea, sunlit hills and we are one of the main wine producers of the globe, Transylvania being valued as the new Tuscany of Europe.

In addition to that, we have the most spectacular mountain roads of the world, Transfagarasan taking the first place in many tops, the biggest rock sculpture (Decebalus’ Head), one of the most spectacular waterfalls and many other wonders.


  1. Romanians do not speak English. How do you communicate with them?


According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), Romania is on the 16th place in the English-speaking countries which have other mother tongue top. It is in front of countries like Greek, France, Switzerland, very popular among foreign tourists who do not ask such questions.

Well, we invite you to discover Romania so that you can convince yourself that everything you knew about this country was fake.

With the help of Travlocals.com, you will be able to book the best authentic accommodation in Romania with no commission. Traditional houses, manors or castles, glampings or tree houses, they are all waiting to offer you unique experiences and top services.


You can also explore one of the wildest and most spectacular ecosystems of the world, being accompanied by professional guides. So, you have all the reasons to plan your next trip in Romania.


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