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February 28, 2021

Over 950,000 contracts suspended since start of state of emergency

A number of 952,929 employment contracts have been suspended since the state of emergency came to force (16 March) and until now, according to the figures of the Labor Inspection published by the Labour and Social Protection Ministry (MMPS) on Monday.

The Labour Ministry announced on Friday a number of 884,349 suspended employment contracts, which means that their number increased by 68,580 in one business day.

Of the 952,929 suspended contracts announced by the MMPS on Monday, a number of 278,408 were in the processing industry, 188,468 in wholesale and retail / repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, and 118,277 in hotels and restaurants.

Other 187,548 contracts were terminated since the beginning of the state of emergency until Monday as follows: 36,783 in the wholesale and retail trade / repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, 32,494 in the processing industry and 23,286 in the construction area.

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