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December 8, 2022

Romanian authorities on World Health Day send thoughts of appreciation to the health workers: Each life saved matters

Each life saved matters – is the message sent on Tuesday by Health Minister Nelu Tataru, on the occasion of World Health Day, to all those working in the field, showing that health workers knew how to mobilize and join forces when it was necessary.

“I am sending a thought of appreciation and trust to my colleagues, to the doctors, to the nurses, to the orderlies for the efforts made in ensuring medical assistance, as well as to the other categories of staff which are working in healthcare units, ambulance services, public health directorates, the Health Ministry and who make their functioning possible these days when we are all hard-pressed,” said the minister.

In his opinion, this is the “most difficult” April 7 in the recent period.

“It’s the most difficult April 7 in the recent period, but I have the conviction that we will overcome this challenge too. The personnel in the system knew how to mobilize and to join forces when it was needed. We know how to honor our job!,” Tataru mentioned.

He hailed the activity of the nurses and midwives and emphasized the “vital role” that they play in maintaining citizens’ health “especially at this time”.

“We desire the opening of the Romanian medical system to the world. We believe that the Romanian patients need to be at the center of the system and have the right to the latest generation treatment just as those ensured for patients in Europe, and the medical staff deserves working conditions similar to those ensured in developed countries worldwide. We are making constant efforts to reach these desiderata, shoulder to shoulder – authorities and society. Many happy returns Romania needs us! Each life saved matters!,” said Nelu Tataru, according to Agerpres

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