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December 9, 2022

PMP proposes political parties a National Pact for Health in 10 points

The People’s Movement Party (PMP) made a call on Wednesday – through an open letter signed by the party chairman – to all the political leaders of Romania for the drafting and adoption of a National Pact for Health to include 10 measures.

According to a PMP release, the National Pact for Health will represent “the roadmap which the government decision-makers, regardless of their political color, will commit to strictly observe, so that the sanitary system around our country manage to provide quality services to the citizens, but, especially, to be able to handle some similar crises or more serious ones than the one we are confronted with today.”

Specifically, the PMP proposes 10 measures which would guarantee a considerable improvement of the sanitary system in Romania: “a higher life expectancy, better quality services, high-performance treatments, sustainability.”

Therefore, the National Pact for Health proposed by the PMP will take into account: gradually increasing budget earmarks for Health until they reach the average level in the EU by 2025; setting up of a special parliamentary committee for amending and modernising the legislation in the Healthcare area; building 8 regional hospitals with European funds within the 2021-2027 financial exercise; consistent investment in modernising hospitals; equipping all county, municipal and city hospitals or those which treat various medical specialties with high-performance equipment; drafting a fair remuneration system for the medical personnel adapted to European standards; continuous training and improvement of medical personnel in the context of scientific progresses in the area; developing the capacity to produce medicines in Romania; prioritizing the funding of the Cantacuzino Institute and restoring, as soon as possible, Romania’s ability to produce vaccines; special allocations of 0.5 percent of the GDP for medical research.


The PMP leader also proposes a solution to fund these measures


In the letter sent by PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac to leaders of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the Save Romania Union (USR), the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), the Pro Romania and the Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party (PLUS), the PMP mentions that the proposed measures should be drawn up by political factors, in partnership with renowned specialists in the healthcare area, employers’ associations and trade unions, with universities, NGOs and companies operating in the healthcare area.

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