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December 3, 2022

HealthMin Tataru says stocks of medical equipment is enough for one-two months

Minister of Health Nelu Tataru estimates that the Unifarm stocks and the medical equipment Romania is to receive in the next two days will be enough for one-two months.

When he was asked by PM Ludovic Orban at the beginning of the Government meeting how long the stocks will last, he said:

“Depending on how the situation develops in the next interval, between one and two months. Mr Adrian Ionel [the head of Unifarm – editor’s note] said two months, maybe two months and a half. I would say rather one month, one month and a half,” said Tataru.

“This means that we need to continue to buy and, especially, to produce,” replied Orban.

The PM also asked testing capacity to exceeded 5,000 tests a day starting on Monday.

“At this point, with the devices that we have, we can make 4,980 tests. We process 3,787 tests because there is also the human factor. There are laboratories that know what they are doing, which are used to do tests. But there are also new units that, even if they have devices that can process a lot of tests, they don’t process as much,” said Tataru, according to Agerpres.

According to the Minister, Unifarm has 334,300 surgical masks, 136,900 powdered-free gloves, 181,910 protective coveralls, 18,614 testing coveralls, 22,628 tests, 16 automated extractors.

“We have in stocks and we distributed today 3,500 boxes of Plaquenil; tomorrow we expect 4,00 boxes of Kaletra, which we will distribute. I need to mention that we are sending these to every hospital a double quantity compared with the number of patients,” he said.

Tataru added that the Minister received the 2 million FFP2 masks to be distributed nationwide, with other four shipments to arrive on Friday and Saturday.

“We expect with this four shipments 3 million FFP masks; 2.7 million examination gloves, 84,000 protective gloves, 37,800 coveralls, 20,500 protective glasses. They will be here on 10 and 11 of April,” he said.


No scenarios so far indicate health system cannot deal with COVID cases


Minister of Health Nelu Tataru on Thursday stated at the UNIFARM headquarters that the Romanian medical system became so weak because of the bad management, chronic underfunding and the “maybe insufficient” involvement of the local administration and the personnel.

The Minister said there are no such “very bad” scenarios, for now, to indicate that the sanitary system cannot deal with the cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus.

When asked how the system got so weak, Nelu Tataru said: “Bad management, chronic underfunding. If you ask me, thinking of the management that we had, I believe that even if there had been funds the system would have remained underfunded. And considering also the insufficient involvement of all forces – local administration, the personnel or the public opinion.”

The Minister said every hospital will be “reassessed” after the pandemic.

“All we can do is that after this moment to reassess each hospital at a time and maybe helped by the managers and the medical staff we will be able to build a good quality medical system,” said Tataru, according to Agerpres.

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