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December 5, 2022

Gov’t meeting: Orban orders merciless investigation of situation at Cluj-Napoca Airport, punishment of all those responsible for the “disaster”. The public sector should take over a part of the burden during crisis

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban has asked the transport minister and the interior minister to conduct a “merciless” investigation and “penalise all those responsible for the disaster”, referencing the situation at the Cluj-Napoca Airport, where on Thursday about 1,500 people gathered in the airport parking lot waiting for flights to Western European countries where they are to work seasonally.

“Perhaps you will close the Cluj Airport, Minister [Lucian Bode], after seeing it today on TV. So, it is inadmissible: the director is arguing with the County Council (…), but I think we have to take all possible measures, the Ministry of Internal Affairs should immediately start an investigation. It is inadmissible what happened there, we must use all the levers we have to hold the airport manager accountable. He did not even inform the County Emergency Management Committee or the prefect regarding those flights. He did not take any measures of physical distancing, of the provision of protective gear,” Orban told a government meeting on Thursday.

The prime minister added that he personally discussed with the prefect of Cluj County to initiate all the procedures for the manager of the Avram Iancu Airport to be brought to account.

“What interests me is, if there are still such flights, they must be notified in advance; the local authorities, the prefects where there are airports that are subordinated to the local administration must be informed in advance, and the airport management and the companies that operate the transport of Romanians who go abroad for seasonal must be made to follow all the orders in the military ordinances in force,” said Orban.


PM Orban urges LabMin to come up with formula for  dignitaries to share solidarity efforts


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday asked Labour Minister Violeta Alexandru to come up with a formula whereby the dignitaries can be included in the emergency ordinance regarding short-time working in the public sector.

At the beginning of a government meeting, Orban said that he had already received dozens of derogation requests from various parts of the public sectors, insisting that even the dignitaries must express solidarity with those affected by the crisis.

“We have already received dozens of requests for exemptions and strange reasons to support the exemptions. We have to conduct a very objective analysis. (…) Find a way for bosses, including us dignitaries, to share the solidarity efforts, “said Orban.

Alexandru said that she also received such requests, adding that they would be subject to analysis. Regarding the dignitaries, she said this is the moment of solidarity on all levels.

She said that the first draft of the ordinance is ready and that in the coming days it will be brought to the attention of each ministry.

“In the coming days, I will circulate the version the Ministry of Labour proposes and I will discuss it with all the colleagues in the government who know their fields of activity,” said Alexandru.

Orban explicitly called for this to happen this week, and the minister said the draft will be ready early next week, and consultations with social partners will be held.

The PM on Thursday asked the government to analyse the draft emergency ordinance under which the public sector employees will take turn working half a month at a time and then going on a furlough-equivalent form for the rest of the month.


The public sector should take over a part of the burden during crisis


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Thursday asked the Government to analyze the Government Emergency Ordinance that says public employees should work half a month, while the other half of month they should be placed under a form of furlough.

“I ask you to analyze the Government Emergency Ordinance draft initiated by Mr Minister Violeta Alexandru. I believe that we should show solidarity in such situations. We all need to take over a part of the burden generated by the crisis caused by this epidemic. There are more than 1.5 million employees in the private environment right now, plus those who work as freelancers, have their own small businesses or practice a liberal profession. Basically, we cannot leave the whole burden of this crisis on their shoulders, which is why we decided, together with the Minister of Labour and the Minister of Finance, to find a solution so that the public sector too will take over part of the burden, as a form of solidarity,” said Orban, at the beginning of the Government meeting.

He mentioned he chose this version including “out of epidemiological reasons,” to reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus.

“Employees in the public institutions will be divided into halves – every office, department – so that to ensure the functionality of the institutions, ministries, agencies, authorities, mayoralties, county councils. Half of the employees will work for 15 days and the other half the rest of 15 days, meaning 10 business days. Basically they will work ten days and be under a form of furlough the other ten days,” explained the Prime Minister, according to Agerpres.

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