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December 7, 2022

ALDE’s Tariceanu requests inquiry on the “asparagus operation” amid the ongoing state of emergency

National leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu argues that a parliamentary committee should be set up to inquire into what he dubs “the asparagus operation” that saw 2,000 Romanians leave to work in Germany amid an ongoing state of emergency.

“We do not want to investigate why the Romanians have left for work in Germany. Because we have seen that this is the topic embraced by my critics. We do not investigate why the Romanians have left, because it is the right of every Romanian to choose where to live and work. Perhaps we could investigate why where there are over 100,000 people infected with coronavirus work can be done, while in Romania, where there are less than 7,000 infections (if we are to trust the authorities), working is not possible. The purpose of the inquiry committee is to discover what the ‘magic button’ which, if pressed, neither the state of emergency nor the military orders matter any longer is. What magic button can be pressed in such a way that, only a few days after a telephone call between the Romanian and German presidents an operation can be conducted that has succeeded in gathering 2,000 Romanians in one place in a state of emergency? ” Tariceanu wrote on Facebook on Monday.

He explained that many of the Romanians in question who left to Germany for asparagus harvesting works come from quarantined areas.

“Many of them, from quarantined areas where no flies enter or leave, were boarded in 50 buses that travelled hundreds of kilometres at night, without being stopped by the Police, to arrive at 07:00hrs in the morning at the Cluj Airport. While these 50 buses were travelling invisibly on our roads, 9,000 citizens in Romania were fined for not producing their bona-fide declaration, some of them being beaten up by angry policemen. They have joined the other over 80,000 having been fined by the Police since the state of emergency began,” added Tariceanu.

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