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December 4, 2022

IntMin Vela says both PM Orban, President Iohannis agree on Easter light distribution

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Wednesday that President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Ludovic Orban were informed and acquiesced to the agreement between the Romanian Police and the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church on the distribution of Easter light .

“Before I do a thing, as a minister, it is normal for me to notify the prime minister and inform the President as well. Mr President and the Prime Minister knew about what I announced last night. (…) The agreement had been jointly accepted, it was brought to the attention of Mr Prime Minister and Mr President, who agreed that the measure is beneficial to the citizens and the activity of arresting the spread of the [corona] virus,” Vela told Antena 3 private broadcaster.

He reaffirmed that people will not go to church to partake of the Easter Light, but it will be brought to the courtyards and the entranceways to the blocks of flats by volunteers or priests.

According to Vela, the Interior Ministry has offered to distribute the Easter light in the quarantine areas in order not to violate the military lockdown ordinance.

He added that only persons under the age of 65 will be allowed before churches to partake of the prosphoron, the sacramental bread, but they will stay in place under the supervision of the churches’ security staff, who will carry a white armband in their hands.


USR: Minister Vela’s resignation is necessary for restoring trust in the Gov’t capacity of managing crisis


Save Romania Union (USR) maintains that the resignation of the Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela, is “necessary” for restoring people’s trust in the Government’s capacity to manage the current crisis generated by the novel coronavirus epidemic.

“The resignation of the Minister of Interior, Marcel Vela, is necessary for restoring people’s trust in the Government’s capacity to manage the crisis we are facing. The sooner it comes, the better,” reads a press release posted on USR’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to the USR, the population’s health must not be endangered by such “petty political calculations.” “The PNL government must manage the crisis as good as possible for the country and not for their electoral score,” said USR.

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday stated that he will ask at the meeting he is about to have with the Prime Minister and several other ministers to revise the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Orthodox Church regarding the Easter celebration.

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