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June 27, 2022

President Iohannis, new call to Romanians to stay home: Otherwise, after the holidays, we’ll have funerals

President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday made a call on Romanians to stay home, otherwise “after the holidays, we’ll have funerals.”

“Stay home. Otherwise, after the holidays, we’ll have funerals,” Iohannis said.

“Dear Romanians, regardless of what some and others might say, I tell you the same doctors say, beginning with the Health Minister, the same as experts say, the same as the World Health Organisation says: Stay home. Otherwise, after the holidays, we’ll have funerals,” Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Palace.

He announced that at the meeting with members of the government he would ask them to review the agreement concluded between the Interior Ministry and the Romanian Orthodox Church on the Easter holiday.

“At this meeting, I will ask PM Orban and the Interior Minister to review this agreement, to find, if they wish, a formula observing the ‘Stay at home’ principle, which keeps perfectly within the requests of the decree extending the state of emergency and which, obviously, observes all military ordinances,” the head of state announced.

“This is the first day of the period by which we prolonged the state of emergency and, unfortunately, we have no reason to relax. We have more than 7,200 cases of persons who got infected with the virus and 20 persons died from yesterday until now, we have 340 persons who were confirmed to have been infected today. So relaxation is out of question and, to be very clear, to be sure that what I said yesterday was clearly understood by every single persons, I repeat: the most important thing right now is to stay home!,” said the head of the state.

Romania’s President is having on Wednesday at the Cotroceni Palace a meeting on the measures required in the context of the extension of the state of emergency with PM Ludovic Orban, Interior Minister Marcel Vela, Finance Minister Florin-Vasile Citu, Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca, Economy, Energy and Business Environment Minister Virgil Popescu, Health Minister Nelu Tataru, Labour and Social Protection Minister Violeta Alexandru, head of Department for Emergency Situations Raed Arafat.


I will ask the PM and the IntMin to revise the MAI-BOR agreement


President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday said that he will ask the Prime Minister and several other ministers he is set to meet to revise the agreement made between the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Orthodox Church regarding the Easter holiday.

“It’s regrettable to see how in our personal life and public life all the same, many times, the best intentions create the biggest complications, as it happened with the so-called agreement concluded by the Ministry of Interior and the Romanian Orthodox Church. Probably the intentions were good, but it was not clear how this agreement was to be implemented into practice. Many Romanians understood that we could relax now. But we shouldn’t relax, and the explanations that were given were too optimistic. In several minutes, I will start a meeting with PM Orban, Minister Vela, other ministers and advisers. At this meeting I will request Minister Orban and the Minister of Interior to revise this agreement and find a formula that observes the “Stay at Home” principles, which perfectly observes the requests in the decree that extends the state of emergency and, obviously, observes all the military ordinances,” said the head of the state at the Cotroceni Palace.

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