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November 29, 2022

Romanian Police chief: Easter holidays this year saw 17 pct decrease of crime rate, 47 pct decrease of violence deeds

The chief of the Romanian Police Liviu Vasilescu announced that, during the Easter holidays, the crime rate decreased by 17pct compared to last year, and in the case of violence deeds there is a decrease of 47 pct compared to 2019.

“From the analyzes conducted at the level of the Romanian Police, it turns out that the crime rate detected during the Easter period decreased by 17pct compared to last year and by 10pct compared to 2018. The downward trend is maintained in the case of violence deeds, where we record a a decrease of 47pct compared to last year and 21pct compared to 2018,” Liviu Vasilescu said on Monday in a press statement, about the events that took place in the public space during the last 72 hours.

Liviu Vasilescu said that in the last 3 days, 14,000 police officers were in the field, intervening at almost 10,000 events and applied 24,000 fines.

“In the last 72 hours, the Romanian Police were on duty and daily during this period they acted with 14,000 police officers in an integrated system, together with the other structures of the Interior Ministry, Local Police and the Ministry of National Defence, in order to keep the order and safe climate. The police carried out 848 actions, intervening at almost 10,000 events notified by citizens or directly detected by the police on the field, of which 8,500 were notified through 112 number. The police intervened and applied 24,000 sanctions, out of which over 14,000 for not complying with the provisions of the military ordinances”, explained the Romanian Police chief.

Liviu Vasilescu stressed that the Romanian Police will show zero tolerance towards those who break the law during this period.

“I want to assure the citizens that the Romanian Police have the operational capacity and the force to carry out all the missions entrusted and to guarantee the safety of the community. Our objective is to be along people in this difficult period, because this is hard for everybody but we can only do this by mutual respect. At the same time, we show zero tolerance towards those who do not obey the law,” said Liviu Vasilescu.

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