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December 9, 2022

PM Orban: Movement restrictions to be certainly lifted after May 15, but under certain conditions

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Thursday that for the time being, the movement restrictions imposed on people will certainly be lifted after May 15, adding, however that this will occur under certain conditions.

“For now, it is certain that what President Klaus Iohannis has announced will happen, namely that the movement restrictions will be lifted. That is, Romanians will no longer have to give a bona fide statement, they will no longer be forced to leave the houses only for the reasons that were specified in the military ordinances. They will be allowed to move, of course, by following the rules of not creating crowds. That is, in the public space there should not be more than 3 people together, so as to avoid as much as possible physical contact,” Orban said after visiting the “Cantacuzino” National Medical-Military Research and Development Institute.

The prime minister added that, in terms of resuming economic activities where restrictions have been imposed, the Government is conducting analyses in each area.

“Based on this analysis, a decision will be made when the restriction is to be lifted, nothing has been announced for now. What I have told you is that we are conducting an analysis, that we are preparing a plan, that we will announce any lifting of restrictions with a period of time ahead and that each lifting of the restriction will be accompanied by a plan of rules that will have to be observed, as soon as the respective restriction is lifted,” Orban also said, according to Agerpres.


Decision to resume classes to be made depending on epidemiological context


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated that the decision to resume school classes after the date of May 15 will be made depending on the epidemiological context, mentioning that masks for all children and for teachers will need to be ensured.

“We will make this decision [to resume classes immediately after May 15 – e.n.] together with the President, with the team at the Education Ministry on the basis of estimates which are conducted by the Health Ministry and will be taken depending on the epidemiological crisis and the actual capacity to reduce to a minimum any risk of our children getting sick,” Orban showed in a statement issued to the press.

Asked whether there are stocks of disinfectants for schools or if class rooms will be refurbished, Orban said that presently all necessary measures are being analyzed.

“At the moment, I would rather not give you any information, as long as decisions are not being made following evaluation and planning. You know I avoid presenting things just ‘because I believe it so.” We are analyzing what the needs are – in case the reopening decision is made – the specific measures that need to be taken. We must ensure masks for all children and for all teachers. There are measures that must be prepared and, depending on the decision, they will be taken,” said the Prime Minister.

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