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December 5, 2022

When life gives us lemon, we make lemonade at the digital edition of Fuckup Nights Bucharest VOL. IV

One of the best strategies for managing a crisis situation is to turn impediments into opportunities. Sure, we are facing an unprecedented situation at global level, but now is the right time to learn more from each other, to support ourselves in finding the optimal solutions for overcoming all the challenges of the moment.

Thus, Fuckup Nights Bucharest moves forward and steps online, where it will meet with a global audience, after the April 16, when we participated in the national edition of the event, along with Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Oradea and Timisoara.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest Vol. IV will be a winning bet with the times that try and force us to adapt. So, on May 7, FUN Bucharest’s organizers will prepare a new lemonade, from all the lemons that life has offered, to the guests of the edition – those career difficult situations in which the protagonists have taken revenge by learning from them and transforming them into stories and successful businesses.

“The ones we will meet virtually are people whom a crisis will not take down so easily, because, on the long run, they have made enough mistakes so that today they manage risk as part of the business ” states Diana Iosu, organizer of Fuckup Nights Bucharest.

The guests of the Fuckup Nights Vol IV are: Jaco Fok – Chief Innovation OMV Petrom; Ioan Iacob – CEO and co-founder of QUALITANCE; Tudor Galoș – business consultant and  Andrei Rosu – an endurance sportsman, blogger, writer and inspirational speaker. Each of them has 8 minutes to tell various episodes in the booklet of their professional adventures. Moderator of this edition will be radio and television journalist Iulia Nagy. More details about each of them are available here. This edition of the event will be held exclusively in English and will take place live, on the Zoom platform. Tickets can be purchased from here.

„I used to feel that innovation was full of uncertainties and messy and that luck played a large role. I felt I was making so many mistakes and was not enough in control of the outcome. Nowadays I can just shamelessly admit that and call it Agile iterations and blame the users in our Design Thinking prototyping sessions for the changes in the course of the projects.  We are fully in control of the process, rather than the end product, and in iterations with the customer find ourselves in a destination that is better than we could initially imagine. Failure turns out to be essential for success”, says Jaco Fok, Chief Innovation OMV Petrom, from the presentation prepared for FUN Bucharest.

In his turn, business consultant Tudor Galoș testifies that:  “In September 2017 when I launched my marketing consultancy business I had all the ingredients for success: a strong marketing background (over 14 years in marketing management roles), certifications (from Chartered Institute of Marketing and Kellogg School of Management), awards (Stevie’s Awards for eg), an excellent network (developed during my management roles at Microsoft) and a supporting and loving family. Yet, I graciously failed. Let’s learn together why”.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest, part of the series of events that take place globally, targets equally small and big entrepreneurs, corporate people, professionals, and students. This rapidly expanding global movement promotes, through the power of the speakers’ example, the constructive conclusions drawn from professional failures.

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