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June 26, 2022

PM Orban: Should pupils and students resume classes, protection masks will be provided by the authorities

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday, after attending the meeting of the Technical-Scientific Support Group on the management of highly contagious diseases on the Romanian territory, that if the pupils and students resume activity, the mask of protection will be provided by the authorities.

“As you know, the President of Romania has announced that the obligation to wear the mask will apply to enclosed spaces. The school is an enclosed space. If activity resumes with the participation of pupils and students in schools/universities, the mask will certainly be provided. (…) If the schools open – I repeat, this is a decision that will be made after a very serious analysis – we certainly believe that it is normal for the Government to provide the masks for all pupils and students who will not be able to obtain them,” Orban said, when asked if the protection mask will be mandatory for children and what solutions are envisaged to provide them in case people cannot afford to buy them.

He added that a decision has not yet been made as to who will provide these masks, as he was asked who would provide them: the state, the school or the town hall.

The premier specified in the context that an analysis has not yet been carried out to determine whether hotels, restaurants, parks or beauty salons remain closed after the end of the state of emergency, adding that there will be a reopening of activities in the cultural field, but after a serious analysis.


We have in view possibility of workplace/school triage through electronic thermometers


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Friday that among the relaxation measures that are to be taken after the end of the state of emergency there might be the possibility of workplace or school triage through the measuring of temperature with the aid of electronic thermometers.

“There was a discussion dedicated, mainly, to an analysis of future relaxation measures, because it’s clear that we must do the inventory of all the restrictive measures that were taken since the start of the epidemic, both by decisions of the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations and, later, after the state of emergency was declared, through military ordinances, and we should make an analysis of those measures and, especially, establish some criteria as objective as possible regarding the rhythm of relaxation measures,” said Ludovic Orban, at the end of the session of the Technical-Scientific Support Group regarding the management of highly contagious diseases in Romania.

The Prime Minister mentioned that discussions targeted the methodology that is to be applied on the basis of analysis of the epidemiological risk pertaining to the lifting of any restriction measures.

“Many ideas were discussed, I will also mention that they seem like good ideas, for example the possibility of a workplace or school triage through electronic thermometers, surely that here too, in order for such a measure to be enforced, companies, public institutions need to acquire them, so that they can take the temperature of people when coming to work, and that happens daily, and if the person has a temperature of over 37 degrees access to work not be allowed and they be subjected to a medical evaluation, including the possibility of COVID testing, so that the possibility of those infected with COVID be at work or in different public locations be reduced,” Orban explained, according to Agerpres.

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