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November 29, 2022

President Iohannis asks Parliament to re-examine law suspending individual employment contracts under lockdown

President Klaus Iohannis is requesting Parliament to re-examine the law establishing provisions on the suspension of individual employment contracts during the state of emergency to extend social protection measures to the employees affected by the temporary interruption or reduction of the employers’ business after the contracts are suspended.

He says in his request for re-examination issued on Friday to the vice-chair of the Senate Robert Cazanciuc that this law that supplements the Labour Code introduces a new situation in which the employer can suspend an individual employment contract as a result of “a state of siege or a state of emergency being declared.” This piece of legislation also establishes social protection measures applicable to employees whose individual employment contract will be suspended as a result of this new legislative hypothesis.

“In our opinion, the regulated legislative solution (…) is likely to lead to implementation problems, but also to cause real confusion for the intended recipients,” argues Iohannis.

The president also says that according to the explanatory memorandum, this legislative intervention aims to respond to a social problem, which the initiators indicate as a basis for the measures adopted in the context of the epidemiological situation caused by the spread of SARS-Co coronavirus 2 that “many employers have found that they do not have a legal text that allows them to reduce their business for this period, so that their employees may be protected.”

He is of the opinion that the amendment of the Labour Code should be a measure with a longer time horizon than the current state of emergency, which implies the need for a preliminary assessment, a substantive analysis of social needs and the limits of state intervention in the employee-employer contractual relationship that would lead to the greatest possible legislative stability and efficiency.


Happy to see entrepreneurs, NGOs, private individuals shoulder alongside the state the burden of managing the coronavirus epidemic


During an on-site visit this Friday, President Klaus Iohannis voiced his appreciation for the “Bucurestii Noi” Medical Support Facility, and said he is happy to see that the entrepreneurs, NGOs, private individuals have understood to shoulder alongside the state the burden of managing the coronavirus epidemic.

“All the arrangements here are specially dedicated. This is a totally atypical facility, accommodated in a space that was initially designed for warehousing or stores, but which was turned into a kind of hospital through private initiative. Let me say right from the beginning that I very much appreciate this private initiative. (. ..) I would like to thank everyone who got involved here – companies, private individuals, NGOs and volunteers, because there have been many volunteers. I understand that there’s a similar setup elsewhere in the country. I am very, very happy that the entrepreneurs, NGOs, private individuals have understood that it’s not good to let the state manage this epidemic alone and it pleases us all to see the business people and NGOs joining in with a very practical and welcome help. (…) I thank you all. I wish all those who will come here a fast recovery and to all of you, good health,” said the President after visiting together with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, Health Minister Nelu Tataru, Minister of the Interior Marcel Vela, and head of the Emergencies Department Raed Arafat the “Bucurestii Noi” Medical Support Facility built through the contribution of two companies and several NGOs, and which will be subsequently handed over to the Health Ministry.

“We have many new, innovative solutions here and I think that those who, unfortunately, will need a place here will be very satisfied with what they find,” Iohannis said.

The head of the state added that the facility will be operated in a partnership between companies, NGOs, the “Matei Bals” Institute and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

He also emphasized that the Emergencies Department has been involved in coordinating the works and the fitting out the facility and that it will further monitor its operation.

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